National Debt over 13 Trillion and growing

The National Debt as of close of business yesterday was 13,078,420,280,010.67, if you do not know that is in trillions. This means that every man, women, child and illegal in America owes 43,594.73. We like to remind you of this and the milestone was on June first it went over 13 trillion, 13,050,826,460,886.97 to be exact. This is an astronomical number when you think this country on January 8, 1835 was the last day this country had a national debt of 0. Here is a few things to let you know just how bad it is getting one year ago it was 11,400,723,732,452.21 so it has gained 1.6 trillion over the last year. In 2008 it was 9,386,790,419,525.60 those were the days. It has gone up 3.7 trillion in the last two years. It was only five short years ago when the debt was 7,786,439,534,447.57 so we have gone up 5.3 trillion in the last five years. If this is not depressing enough and we go back to 2002 only eight years ago the debt was 6,019,262,699,735.47 which means all the debt the United States created from January 8, 1835 to June 15, 2002 we have doubled over the last eight years. The congress and President need to act on this today and not keep putting it off until tomorrow. As the appropriations committee meets to discuss budgets for FY11 we hope they have some sense to look into the past and save our future.

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