Nevada Not Ready for Prime Time Players

All we ask is someone with a pulse run against Harry Reid. He should be a pushover to beat and pay for national healthcare. The June 8 primary is just over a month away and there are twelve Republicans in the fight. The goal is to beat Harry Reid the Senate majority leader has to be the most vulnerable incumbent; he has a low approval rating, unemployment rate of 13.4 percent, and the highest home foreclosure rate in the nation. The front runner for the GOP is getting whacked as Sue Lowden recently suggested bartering with doctors for medical care – “our grandparents, they would bring a chicken to the doctor.” This has led to Democrats set up a website, sending a volunteer in a chicken suit to one of her fundraisers. The other GOP candidates jumped in a rival Danny Tarkanian circulated a video of her comments and asked if she were the best candidate to take on Reid. Reid acknowledges his own vulnerability and has been following a methodical path in pursuing a fifth term. The Senate majority leader has $16 million and locked in support from powerful unions and casinos. The other not ready polls are Lawyer and businessman Tarkanian, who is known for verbal stumbles as he once substituted Reid’s name for Ronald Reagan in public remarks. The extremely wealthy Chachas who blames Washington for economic policies that contributed to Nevada’s high unemployment, bankruptcy and foreclosure rates, while taking advantage of the same loopholes he claims he will stop. The Tea Party gave support to former Assemblywoman Sharron Angle, 60, who arrived at a rally in March on the back of a rumbling motorcycle, outfitted in black leather. Come on people get it together the nation is looking at you and we need this one.

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Five Follow Friday Twitter Fantastic Apps

Welcome to another installment of Five Follow Friday Twitter Fantastic Apps. Today we have May kicking into gear which means your event calendar looks like you will not have a free weekend until after the fourth of July. When you have a couple of minutes between cookouts, grad party, weddings, and religious events enjoy these Five Follow Friday Twitter Fantastic Apps Twegather is an event manager that uses Twitter for RSVPs, with an emphasis on (but not restricted to) informal events.

Blackbird Pie is the official Twitter tool to create images from Twitter status updates. This is useful for those who want to show screenshots of tweets in their blog or website.

TwitVance allows you to schedule your tweets. What sets it apart from several apps of its type is its support for multiple Twitter accounts. It comes with support for for creating short URLs. You need to create an account with TwitVance in order to use its services.

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TwittLoad is a free file hosting service for Twitter. You connect to Twitter using OAuth, upload a file and tweet about it directly from TwittLoad.

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President Obama and transparency

The “T” word is getting harder to find in the Oval office as the days go by. Today which is the 472 of the President Obama administration we find he is in favor of hiding some more and keeping secrecy alive. The Obama administration opposes a proposal to audit the Federal Reserve, a plan that has bipartisan Senate support. There has not been very many things since President Obama has taken office that have had bipartisan support but it is better to keep information hidden away then discuss the truth in open air. The amendment that is being added to pending financial regulation bill is getting a cold reception as it looks to shine a light on the central bank. The best part of this is the amendment sponsor, is somebody who has been in the hip pocket of President Obama all along. Independent Senator Bernard Sanders of Vermont understands that the Fed has been able to fly under the radar striking deals in its assistance of banks. The Fed also has the job of setting all interest rates, a little more openness and transparency like President Obama promised that cold January day could go along way to understanding the plan. The House financial regulations bill also requires an audit by the Government Accountability Office. The same exact thing the left and liberal media attacked President Bush for eight years straight this president is getting a pass and a look away. We want transparency, he promised transparency, and we are only getting transparency when he decides we can handle it. They do not want us too see because, maybe they really do not have a plan and they flying everyday by the seat of their pants hoping everything turns around before we notice. The only transparency we have received as Americans is that it will be on the President’s terms and only when it looks good.

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We knew Jack Bauer you are no Jack Bauer

The government officials are breaking there arms to pat each other on the back. The Police Chief in New York says they captured in just over 53 hours. Congressional representative are busy saying President Obama is a real homeland terrorist stopper. The only thing that caught Faisal Shahzad was his own failings. A better terrorist would have got away and completed the mission. Before you break your other arm patting yourself on the back we must point out. The man flew to Pakistan with wife and two children and came back alone after five months. The man bought non-explosive fertilizer, as he must have flunked Chemistry in terrorist school. He sanded the VIN of the vehicle but left it under the hood and on the engine block. He lost his FBI tail as he headed for the airport as he decided JFK was the best airport to fly home from, as the state of New York could not be looking for him there. When he was on the way to the airport, he lost his FBI tail, that was following him all afternoon. He used a cell phone on the way to the airport to buy a one-way ticket to Dubai from Emirates Airlines he paid for in cash at the airport. He was on a do not fly list, but was still able to buy a ticket, get to boarding location, actually boarded the plane, the door was shut and locked, and plane was heading toward takeoff when they found his name on a paper do not fly list. This was a case of dumb luck, a dumb terrorist was caught, and every system set up to stop it failed. Great work guys it must be Miller time.

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Supreme Court Shortlist getting shorter

It was released today that President Barack Obama interviewed federal judge Diane Wood of for an upcoming opening on the Supreme Court. She is to have been the fourth candidate for the job known to have had face-to-face talks with the president. The others that have had the honor are Solicitor General Elena Kagan and federal appeals court judges Merrick Garland, who serves in the District of Columbia, and Sidney Thomas, who is based in Montana. Federal judge Diane Wood met with the president in the Oval Office and also interviewed separately with Vice President Joe Biden. It look like we are getting close and any day now, President Obama is expected to announce his choice to succeed Justice John Paul Stevens, who is retiring this summer. Federal judge Diane Wood has been considered a front-runner since Stevens announced last month that he would be stepping down. She interviewed with Obama last year when he was considering successors for Justice David Souter and was said to have impressed the president. We also want to make sure it is known she is from Chicago and this could be some insider politics or payback for gifts along the way. The good new is we have not heard the word Hilary Clinton for the job and that turns out to be a delusion cultivated by the pinheads over at Meet the Press, boy has that show jumped the shark.

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Accepting New Ice Machine Claims Nationwide

Accepting New Ice Machine Claims Nationwide

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Helena Mattsson Iron Man 2 Hottie




This week we are highlighting another new comer to the list. The tea512 women of the week is presenting Helena Mattsson who was born on March 30, 1984 in Stockholm, Sweden. Helena had an early role in Wild Side Story in Sweden, and moved at a young age to London, England, to attend theatre school. When she was 19 years old she moved to Hollywood where she has since been ever since. This week she is in the biggest movie of her lifetime as she plays Rebecca in Iron Man 2. She has done both television and film work Some of her other film work includes Species: The Awakening, You and I, Nobody, Surrogates.Her television roles have included mostly one episode those include NCIS Los Angeles, Rules of Engagement, Two and a Half Men, CSI: Miami. She did have a three episode run on Desperate Housewives early this year as Irina the Russian gold digger. It is pretty easy to see why she made the list as for a 26 year old she had a perfect body, beautiful smile, long blonde curly hair, long slender legs, and dresses and hotter than pistol and looks great doing it. She is the perfect Swedish blonde bombshell and deserves a place in the top 51 of the year for sure.

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National Debt 4/29/2010   12,853,100,126,888.44
National Debt 4/29/2000     5,685,108,228,594.76
National Debt 1/8/1835                                       0.00 


Hillary Clinton on MTP

We have not beat up Hillary Rodham Clinton in a while. We suppose she is doing a good job as Secretary of State as she was much better choice than Joe Biden and John Kerry. We had seen her on meet the press and they were asking her if says she intends to serve as secretary of state throughout the first term of the Obama administration. We thought this was an odd question as she has only been on the job about 15 months and it is not like we have been in crisis mode. In response to the question Clinton said the job is exhausting but that she enjoys it and feels her efforts are making a difference around the world, though she adds that there are incredibly difficult problems. We had to laugh a bit as they are the same problems all heads of state have had to deal with Iraq, Iran, Israel / Palestine, and North Korea. Finally the rubber meets the road it was all about the Supreme Court appointment. Clinton says she does not want to serve on the Supreme Court and has never wanted to be a judge. This was nice and all but has the Meet the Press staff gone off the rails, it must have been because being the first day of May and Washington must have been empty. We think for minute of a Clinton on the Supreme Court and just the thought is unsettling for a Sunday morning.

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President Obama and the Gulf Coast

The lame stream media is at it again. The liberal elite are pretending their guy is so above it all. There was a President named Bush that had been lambasted for his response to hurricane Katrina. He wanted to avoid it and say he was taking care of it all the while hoping local officials and BP would handle it. It turns out that he has only mentioned it once during a statement about the first quarter GDP numbers he spoke of the Gulf oil spill, in the Rose Garden. It is now Saturday and the massive oil slick grows worse by the day, the White House and the lame stream press is fighting off a growing perception that the federal response to this ecological disaster is on the same level as the President Bush response to Katrina. Spin control up and in full gear by the afternoon the White House announced that Obama will head to the Gulf Coast on Sunday. This is strange since it was not to long ago he stated he would not go. The reversal appears to be a response to increasing criticism of the government allowing BP to handle the mess while keeping an eye on the operation. The government scientists clearly dropped the ball as it was discovered the leak was five times larger than they had believed and days of everything is fine quickly turned to an all-hands-on-deck emergency response. The oil slick could become the nation’s worst environmental disaster in decades. We know the lame stream will not mention how President Obama on the presidential campaign trail vowed that the federal government would never again let the residents of the Gulf Coast down after its slow response to Hurricane Katrina. The explosion happened April 20 and the fallout is getting worse, just do not look for the media to tell you.

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