Take the Barefoot Challenge

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There is something about watching someone do a god thing that makes everyone else want to help. This is case with the underage overachiever, Bilaal Rajan, the thirteen year old who proves age is no barrier to making a difference. On International Chidren’s Day June 1st 2010, Bilaal will go barefeet everywhere to lead his 2nd Annual Barefoot campaign for world change. We were late to see this but the results from last year are impressive. Last year we watched from the sidelines as the idea gained momentum across Canada and with people in countries as far away as Australia, Afghanistan, England, Switzerland, Thailand, Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania all kicking of their shoes and taking part.. If you are interested and we all should be you can go the People can go to making change now website where you can learn more about the initiative and sign up on facebook page. For his part, Rajan has invited the general public following his lead to step up with naked feet. This, he believes will help them to better understand the struggles faced by under privileged children in the world many of whom cannot afford shoes, let alone attend school. Bilaal’s Barefoot Challenge is on June 1, 2010, and we support the initiative. This is a great thing and it is a perfect way to understand how a simple thing like a pair of shoes that we take for granted, can be the greatest gift for someone who has none.

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