Best time to buy silver bullion

We wanted to let you know about a service that can be a great new part of your financial portfolio. United States Gold Bureau is a great for you to be able to buy gold bullion silver, or other precious metals and coins. These purchases are ready for immediate personal delivery. You can also choose to arrange for convenient and safe storage at an independent bank or depository. Silver, gold, precious metals and coins are a hot investment these days as the stock market again has shown to be unsteady. As an investment product, silver is available in coin or ingot form. Ingots are generally silver ingots of pure bullion cast in a convenient size and shape. There may never be a better time for buying silver bullion than right now. say the right now the world demand for silver has exceeded annual production, and has every year since 1990. There is a very simple reason for this, since the end of WWII, the U.S. government used to the largest holder of silver in the world. Over the last 50 years the US has dumped billions of ounces of silver bars onto the world market, effectively depressing silver prices. Flas forward to today and the great government silver supply is depleted and now the U.S. government is a silver buyer. For these reasons, silver bars represent an outstanding investment opportunity.

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