Make a Plan to change the world

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of SEO 5 Consulting. All opinions are 100% mine.We wanted to let you know about the website for Plan Canada. They have taken on the task of trying to get as many Canadian residents as possible to sponsor a child. This is a noble goal and extremely admirable we are glad to try to help. The premise is simple as It starts with just one child. Please visit the website as we found out that every day, in the poorest regions of the world, 25,000 children less than five die because they lack access to things we take for granted. They are in need of the most common and expected of human conditions like clean water, sanitary conditions, medicine, and or course food. When you sponsor a child, you can help an entire community of children leave poverty behind. We do not think that for a little over $8 a week, just $35 a month, you can invest in grassroots programs that will help local people build schools, train teachers, empower girls, dig wells, run health clinics, start small businesses, and much more. We always wish we could do something, we always say someone should do something, that someone is you. You can start today to make a plan to change the world by sponsoring a child today.

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