President Obama and transparency

The “T” word is getting harder to find in the Oval office as the days go by. Today which is the 472 of the President Obama administration we find he is in favor of hiding some more and keeping secrecy alive. The Obama administration opposes a proposal to audit the Federal Reserve, a plan that has bipartisan Senate support. There has not been very many things since President Obama has taken office that have had bipartisan support but it is better to keep information hidden away then discuss the truth in open air. The amendment that is being added to pending financial regulation bill is getting a cold reception as it looks to shine a light on the central bank. The best part of this is the amendment sponsor, is somebody who has been in the hip pocket of President Obama all along. Independent Senator Bernard Sanders of Vermont understands that the Fed has been able to fly under the radar striking deals in its assistance of banks. The Fed also has the job of setting all interest rates, a little more openness and transparency like President Obama promised that cold January day could go along way to understanding the plan. The House financial regulations bill also requires an audit by the Government Accountability Office. The same exact thing the left and liberal media attacked President Bush for eight years straight this president is getting a pass and a look away. We want transparency, he promised transparency, and we are only getting transparency when he decides we can handle it. They do not want us too see because, maybe they really do not have a plan and they flying everyday by the seat of their pants hoping everything turns around before we notice. The only transparency we have received as Americans is that it will be on the President’s terms and only when it looks good.

Days until Iron Man 2 Movie Debut Tomorrow
Days until Robin Hood Debut 8 Days
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Days Until Summer 45 days
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Days Until 2010 Elections 181 days
Days until a New President 990 Days
Days Country Held Hostage Under Hope and Change 472

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