President Obama and the Gulf Coast

The lame stream media is at it again. The liberal elite are pretending their guy is so above it all. There was a President named Bush that had been lambasted for his response to hurricane Katrina. He wanted to avoid it and say he was taking care of it all the while hoping local officials and BP would handle it. It turns out that he has only mentioned it once during a statement about the first quarter GDP numbers he spoke of the Gulf oil spill, in the Rose Garden. It is now Saturday and the massive oil slick grows worse by the day, the White House and the lame stream press is fighting off a growing perception that the federal response to this ecological disaster is on the same level as the President Bush response to Katrina. Spin control up and in full gear by the afternoon the White House announced that Obama will head to the Gulf Coast on Sunday. This is strange since it was not to long ago he stated he would not go. The reversal appears to be a response to increasing criticism of the government allowing BP to handle the mess while keeping an eye on the operation. The government scientists clearly dropped the ball as it was discovered the leak was five times larger than they had believed and days of everything is fine quickly turned to an all-hands-on-deck emergency response. The oil slick could become the nation’s worst environmental disaster in decades. We know the lame stream will not mention how President Obama on the presidential campaign trail vowed that the federal government would never again let the residents of the Gulf Coast down after its slow response to Hurricane Katrina. The explosion happened April 20 and the fallout is getting worse, just do not look for the media to tell you.

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Days Country Held Hostage Under Hope and Change 467

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