Weekly list of TV Show headed for Cancellation 2010

Here is an updated list of show that appears that they are on life support at each network. The case for most of these shows they have finished all filming, they have not been cancelled, or they are playing out the last episodes and hope the show might catch fire. More than likely every show on this list will not be back. The ABC network is getting ready to pull the string on FlashForward, The Deep End and The Forgotten. The CBS network is rumoring to put an end to the shows, Cold Case as well as Numb3rs making no future episodes. The NBC network listed Trauma as more than likely not to return to their airwaves. There was no surprise over at The CW Melrose Place is on life support and the beating heart is getting fainter by the day. These shows are still listed on the rooster of show the networks have, as they have not been cancelled yet. They also have not been renewed or made any new shows in a while. The other key sign as with Numb3rs the actors have been allowed to sign other deals for other shows. That is usually a sign there is nothing left to do and it is only a formality of waiting for contracts to expire to drop the hammer and not pay buyouts to shut a show down.


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