Bianca Kajlich Rules of Sexy


This week we highlight Bianca Maria Kajlich who was born March 26, 1977 in Seattle, Washington. Bianca is a graduate of Bishop Blanchet High School and Washington State University. She began her career with the Olympic Ballet Theater as a ballet dancer in Edmonds, Washington. She lasted for seven years as a dancer and decided on acting moving to Los Angeles. We made her the woman of week for the first time as last week marked the return of her show The Rules of Engagement. We are big fans of the show and she is the hottest cast member. She has been on the big screen in roles in the films Bring It On , 10 Things I Hate About You, and Halloween: Resurrection. One the little screen she has been on either once or a recurring roles in Boston Public, Dawson’s Creek, Rock Me Baby Vanished. She is smoking hot and lights up the screen the minute she walks on screen. There are so many things to like about Bianca that are so not things you expect a Hollywood actress to have but they are all there rolled up in a hot sexy 33 year old package.

Days until Spring 2010 11 Days
Days until Clash of the Titans Debut 17 days
Days until the Release of the iPad 25
Days until Iron Man 2 Movie Debut 59 days
Days until Robin Hood Debut 66 Days
Days Until 2010 Elections 238
Days until a New President 1048 Days
Days Country Held Hostage Under Hope and Change 413

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