Washington Backlash alive and well

The Texas primary was going to be a pretty good gauge for perception versus reality. When Governor Rick Perry rode it to an easy Republican primary win over Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison the proof is in black and white. The smaller story is republican Governor Rick Perry will now go on to fight Democrat and Former Houston Mayor Bill White, who defeated six opponents to win the nomination. Two things that are important the turnout was the highest in a Texas primary election in 20 years. This is proof the people do care and they are picking candidates they feel will help them and not hurt them. Then of even bigger importance is the attack on the capital, as this is another indication voter is going to blame Washington for wasteful and over spending, job losses and the health care debate. Texas has had a democrat win statewide office since 1994. Even though right now Texas has, a record one million jobless and an extremely high dropout rate Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison could not break through. We are not sure how this will all play into elections in November across the nation. The proof is even a Republican in congress is tainted and no jobs are safe. This might be the reason the Democrats will hammer home healthcare without a Republican vote. The thinking must be no matter what they are going to down in a ball of flames even if they do nothing, they might as well pass the legislation that was cutting their throat because there is nothing to lose. The cards are already on the table and both Republican and Democrats in congress are holding aces and eights the dead man’s hand.

Days until Spring 2010 15 Days
Days until Clash of the Titans Debut 21 days
Days until Iron Man 2 Movie Debut 63 days
Days until Robin Hood Debut 70 Days
Days Until 2010 Elections 242
Days until a New President 1052 Days
Days Country Held Hostage Under Hope and Change 409

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