California Governor Race add an old friend

In a case of everything old is new again here comes retread Jerry Brown running for Governor of California. The 71-year-old career politician was previously governor from 1975 to 1983. Since then ran for president three times, served as mayor of Oakland, and is now California’s attorney general. The rumor was he was waiting to see if Senator Dianne Feinstein was going to run. He knew he could not compete with her machine and deep pockets. That being said Jerry Brown has already raised $12 million from his Hollywood cronies. The typical suspects with money to burn and no idea how to spend it. Spielberg, Katzenberg and Geffen. The good news for Jerry is he could really win polls he leads head to head against GOP front runner Meg Whitman by about five points. The former CEO of eBay, Whitman has already spent $19 million on the race. California residents have seen her commercials touting a “New California” daily on most local and cable television throughout the state with no chance for escape. Why does anybody want this job the same reason we asked McCain and Obama two years ago. California is in the economic crises with the state legislature already having to make billions of dollars in cuts to social programs to shore up a $21 billion budget gap this year and an even bigger one the year before. The state’s credit rating has been lowered and unemployment is above 12 percent. Then again just like President Obama the only way to go is up as it cannot get much worse.
Days until Spring 2010 17 Days
Days until Clash of the Titans Debut 23 days
Days until Iron Man 2 Movie Debut 65 days
Days until Robin Hood Debut 72 Days
Days Until 2010 Elections 244
Days until a New President 1054 Days
Days Country Held Hostage Under Hope and Change 407

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