The Billboard Top 10 revisits Barry Manilow

This week the Billboard charts said hello to an old friend, Barry Manilow. The new release from Barry Manilow was number five, titled Manilow in Paris. The top ten broke down like this top spot number one was the sophomore effort from Lady Antebellum – Need You Now. Number two Hope For Haiti Now – Hope For Haiti, staying high on the charts at number three is the fabulous Lady Gaga – Fame. Coming at number four is the final release from Michael Jackson – This Is It. That takes us to number five Barry Manilow – The Greatest Love Songs of All Time. This release is a great way to prepare for the new Barry Manilow show at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas as it opens on March 5th. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the Greatest Love Songs and if you are in Las Vegas check out the new show it is must see.

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It is official is 41st vote day

We can only celebrate for so long but today the 41st votes Senator Scott Brown officially takes the people seat as it is vacated by Paul Kirk. The first Republican senator in Massachusetts since 1978 and the first non Kennedy in the peoples seat for over 30 years. There is a problem as we feel this is a set up. Next week the Senate leaders plan to vote on the jobs bill as they near an agreement on a proposal to give businesses a tax break for hiring unemployed workers. The Senate will start work on the bill Monday, said Majority Leader Harry Reid. This means if Scott Brown does vote against this bill the campaign ads against him will say “Scott Brown first vote in the senate was against jobs!” Welcome to politics as we think this is a tough call anyway you slice it. He won because we are sick of backroom deals and dumb handouts. This bill will not create any new jobs as a $3-$5,000 tax break will not make a small business hire a $40,000 year employee. The tax break for hiring unemployed workers is modeled after a proposal by Schumer and Hatch. The measure is an alternative to the politics on the hill as of late as it is a bipartisan and has tax cuts for Republicans and helps the Democrats bring something home for President Obama.

Days until Super Bowl XLIV 2 days
Days until Calgary Winter Olympics 7 days
Days until Spring 2010 43 Days
Days until Clash of the Titans Debut 49 days
Days until Iron Man 2 Movie Debut 91 days
Days until Robin Hood Debut 98 Days
Days until a New President 1080 Days
Days Country Held Hostage Under Hope and Change 381

Do More Faster with Charter High-Speed Internet

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Our friends at Charter are at it again and they want to make sure all of America is on board and ready to stop waiting and get going. They want to know why you accept the progress bar. This is an instant-gratification society. We like fast cars, fast food, overnight delivery, and fast-bake cookies. This is America and we do not tolerate slow and hate to wait for anything. Charter wants to know why you would put up with DSL speeds and unreliability. They are right we use the Internet to bank, e-mail, play games, shop, share photos, stream videos and so much more with bigger files and more demanding then ever. Why do you watch the progress bar, you need the instant gratification of split second connections from YouTube and lighting quick game play. Think of all the wasted time watching something load taunting you with blank screens and progress bars inching along noiselessly. You are losing productivity at a time when you can least afford it. Charter is here to say “No More!” Charter is ready to do something about it they are now offering High-Speed Internet for 19.99. Get the speed you crave and the instant gratification you demand back in your life. It’s reliable, it’s secure, and once you’ve had it, you’ll see why DSL is the new dial up. They will even install it free to get you going. As always we want you to check out Charter’s Facebook page so you see just how cool they are as a provider and committed to your entertainment experience.


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President Obama uses the “T” word

He tried to avoid saying it all cost. He waited till after the State of Union so he could say he still had not done it, yesterday he has to admit he is going to raise a host of taxes on businesses and wealthy individuals. The budget proposal would impose $1.4 trillion in higher taxes over the next decade on couples making more than $250,000 and individuals making more than $200,000 killing the tax cuts enacted under President George W. Bush. There is an increase in taxes on U.S. companies with major overseas operations, and plans to increase taxes on oil and gas companies. The new budget accounts for a $33 billion tax cut that President Obama wants Congress to include in a new jobs bill. The new taxes will raise the top two income tax rates for individuals, from 33 percent and 35 percent, to 36 percent and 39.6 percent. They will be a new limit on itemized tax deductions high earners can claim for charitable donations, mortgage interest and state and local taxes. There is an increase the top capital gains tax rate from 15 percent to 20 percent for families making more than $250,000 a year and individuals making more than $200,000. This is a new tax without a real name the financial crisis responsibility fee will be on large financial institutions.There will be a total of around $39 billion in tax increases on oil, gas and coal companies over the next decade. The era of raising taxes has begun.

Days until Super Bowl XLIV 5 days
Days until Calgary Winter Olympics 10 days
Days until Spring 2010 46 Days
Days until Clash of the Titans Debut 52 days
Days until Iron Man 2 Movie Debut 94 days
Days until Robin Hood Debut 101 Days
Days until a New President 1083 Days
Days Country Held Hostage Under Hope and Change 378
National Debt 1/29/2010    12,278,635,997,966.88
National Debt 1/29/2000      5,719,617,669,335.03
National Debt 1/8/1835                                        0.00

Kaley Cuoco Big Bang ol-la-la

This week we highlight Kaley Christine Cuoco who was born November 30, 1985 in Camarillo, California. She is an American actress who we first came to see as Bridget Hennessy on the comedy sitcom 8 Simple Rules, then Billie Jenkins on the drama series Charmed, and most recently as Penny on the runaway hit The Big Bang Theory. The reason we picked her this week is because of her appearance Sunday night. She was at the 52nd Grammy Awards as a presenter and totally held her own amongst the most beautiful people in the entire world. She did not use any double-sided tape or bra to keep her gown in place and she could not have looked hotter with her deep plunging neckline Nicole Miller gown. She has never been on the top 51 but we think it time to open up a slot as Ms. Cuoco has arrived. We eagerly anticipate her movie roles in 2010 as Erica Roc in The Penthouse and Ashlee Turner in the latest Scream movie number four.



Days until Super Bowl XLIV 6 days
Days until Calgary Winter Olympics 11 days
Days until Spring 2010 47 Days
Days until Clash of the Titans Debut 53 days
Days until Iron Man 2 Movie Debut 95 days
Days until Robin Hood Debut 102 Days
Days until a New President 1084 Days
Days Country Held Hostage Under Hope and Change 377

Tech Giveaway from Tony’s

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When it is Dads night to cook for the family you can hear the groans a mile away. It is great when it is take out but when Dad puts on the stove the children run for their rooms. We have finally found a way to stop that Tony’s Pizza to the rescue. This has become a new life saver as we were surprised how much the kids like the Pizza from a box. We are not sure if it is because we are able to have many kinds to cover all the different likes in the household. Tony’s Pizzas has original crust in seven varieties, we had one supreme and one meat trio. They also have a new Crispy Crust which we got one with Pepperoni and one just plain Cheese. This worked out well as there was something for everyone and here is the kicker, there was nothing left. That is right dad cooked a meal and everybody liked it. There is a new staple when dad has to cook and his new friend in the kitchen is Tony’s Pizza. There is a big tech giveaway going on right now from Tony’s Pizza. There is more information and a couple of links to follow with the contest blog posts that you can leave a comment or tweet and get yourself some cool prizes check out link and the rules below.

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