Ethics Calling..Rangel Busted

The House ethics committee is trying to nail Representative Charles Rangel down for a change. This time it seems they have a smoking gun except Rangel has become professional at avoided their grasp. This time the proof is Representative Charles Rangel aides tried at least three times to show him that his Caribbean trips had corporate sponsors, but of course he denies that he has ever seen or heard these written communications. The Ways and Means Committee chairman says he did nothing wrong because his staff never told him about corporate sponsors. There is two staff memos dated from 2008 and a letter addressed to him in 2007. Rangel has been accused of violating rules governing gifts that lawmakers can accept. Rangel will not step down as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee despite being admonished for violating rules by letting corporations pay for his Caribbean trips. Rangel has excelled at deny and see what you need to see as he claimed today that the ethics report exonerates him because it says there is no evidence that he knew the trips were sponsored by corporations. The noose is getting tighter as even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is trying to steer clear, you cannot blame her as Rangel remains under investigation on various other alleged ethics lapses. Is there any wonder there is such a ground swell to remove all incumbents as Washington is broken and Rangel is a poster child.

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