Showdown in the Lone Star State

Everyone who reads the tea512 knows we love a good election. There is a beauty on the radar in the lone star state. The reason is it is a Republican showdown; one that they say has been on target to happen for years. This election is between two of the biggest Texas politicians currently serving the state. This match is between Governor Rick Perry and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and as the days get closer to November it is getting nasty. There is a democrat as it looks like former Houston Mayor Bill White but after all this is Texas. This GOP primary fight that Perry once promised would be brutal has grown meaner in its final weeks. They have beat up each other with Hutchison attacking the Perry record over the last nine years as governor. Perry is slamming Hutchinson over the fact she is all that is wrong with Washington spending the last 16 years in the U.S. Senate. Perry has never lost a public election and has painted Hutchison as a moderate. The local polling numbers show that Perry is leading with 45 percent to 29 percent. The big showdown is Tuesday March 2, 2010. Hutchinson has not campaigned much in Texas as she has been letting everyone know she stayed in Washington to fight President Barack Obama’s health care bill. The only thing we do not like about Hutchinson who once received over 4 million votes, is she is holding both seats so to speak. She will not resign her senate seat until after the primary on next Tuesday she will be out campaigning hard all over Texas this weekend as she dropped in today and loaded up the bus tour. The most interesting thing is that she wants to leave the Senate to be a Governor which other than California might be the only state where this is attractive.

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