SANYO Incognito has it all and a Boost

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We love a good gadget and a great phone is the best gadget since having one is now a necessity and no longer a luxury. We wanted to let you know about Boost Mobile as they are launching the qwerty flip SANYO Incognito™. This phone is hot but that is not enough as you can get it with a ridiculous $50 Monthly Unlimited Plan. How great does that sound awesome phone, no contract required with nationwide coverage and the unlimited plan with locked in pricing. We must have your attention by now and you are waiting for a catch, probably the phone costs $1000, wrong you can get the phone for $129.99 excluding taxes with free shipping when purchased through the required link. There is no catch and no reason to get excited about this deal. If you are using one of those pay as you go toy phones with lousy coverage and never enough minutes when you need them this is choice for you. You will have a SANYO Incognito™ Model Number: SCP6760 with an Unlimited Plan that is only $50 a Month Unlimited with no contract required. That is all great stuff but is the phone worth it, simple answer most powerful phone you might ever own. First is comes with a 2MP camera with a VGA camcorder, this phone takes pictures and shoots movies. It has a music and video player so your music and videos can be available to you on the palm of your hand. You can leave your old mp3 player, camera, and video camera at home you have it all in one device. You can even surf the web as the SANYO Incognito™ has enhanced web browsing which pairs perfectly with the Boost Mobile $50 Monthly Unlimited plan which offers unlimited talk, text & web with no contract. The feature of having a phone with EVDO capabilities and a full QWERTY keyboard, means that friends and families can stay connected via their favorite social networking sites and share content within seconds. We did not even get to the plan includes Multi-Media messaging for both Picture & Video, Stereo Bluetooth® Capable & GPS Enabled. There is nothing more you will need as this phone and plan package has it all.

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