Speek Free Private Beta

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Speek. All opinions are 100% mine.

When we hear about something new we love to pass it on. When we can get our readers on the ground floor of something new we jump at the chance. If you act fast we can get you a private beta of the v2 SaaS app from Speek just click here to register for private beta. Speek is not only inviting you to this special opportunity of the private beta for you to test, they also want your feedback. Speek is a free Web-based teleconferencing system that dials out to many different devices. You can use it to call cell phones, landlines, and even voice-over-Internet applications like Skype and GoogleTalk. This is going to be big, when you use Speek, you can make sure your call will always start on time, everytime. This is the time for everyone to get on board as you can drop the tired old-style bridge conference call center service and the huge cost that goes with it. We are really impressed because the interface for our current system has an extremely complicated log-in procedures which sales always needs help with. We think this will also be another tool in the home as the family can use this for long distance conferencing with out of state family members. We all can use Speek to stay connected and get together.

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