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If you are looking for e-cig reviews we found a website that can help. There are some that say if you are looking for information you need to find an expert for the best advice. We believe that if you are looking for information about electronic cigarettes and reviews this is the best place. The website is run by a 23 year smoker who quit and on a doctors suggestion looked into electronic cigarettes as a way to quit. He found hundreds of products, all claiming to be the best. He has tried many and found some to be an outright rip-off. He put a electronic cigarette review together so that others can benefit from what he and others have learned by trial and error, and get the right product the first time. The site is changing all the time as new products are released.

Tea512 Smokin 51 Top Five Final Post

Tea512 Smokin 51 (5-1) Final Post

This year the top five starts with Scarlett Johannson down from #3 last year. She is still smoking hot and had a killer appearance in her only movie of the year He’s Just Not That into You. She did spend most of the year promoting her singing career which might be the reason for her decline.


Top five worthy is #4 Carrie Underwood jumping up from last year at #9. She had another great year as a singer, she is also the full package looks wise. Her sales are off the charts and hosted award shows as well as hr variety special. This year she has also debuted more of a personality that makes her even hotter if that is at all possible. 

#3 in the top 51 is Megan Fox up from last year at #6. She had a great year as she killed in her return role as Mikaela Banes in Transformers 2 and starred in Jennifer’s Body her first true leading role. At only 23 years old she is going to be on the Tea512 top 51 for years to come.


This year #2 is Charlize Theron on the Tea512 Top 51. She was last year’s number one. The drop was from lack of work as she only released two movies and neither was a box office winner. Her role in each did not have enough sizzle to hold on to the top spot.

We have reached Number One and this year the honor goes to Beyonce Knowles. She was number two last year. There is plenty of reasons for Beyonce to be #1, looks, style, flair, and fierceness. She was in movies, television, and video. Her class moment of the year was letting Taylor Swift speak after Kayne West stole her microphone. Beyonce proved she was a class act and deserving of the highest spot on the 2009 tea512 smokin 51.    

 beyonce-knowles51_2009.jpgTea512 Smokin 51 #13-#6Tea512 Smokin 51 #26-#14/

Tea512 Smokin 51 #39-#27/

Tea512 Smokin 51 #51-40/

Tariff Hard Ball with China

The government is imposing new tariffs on imports of steel from China. A group led by US Steel, V&M Star LP, V&M Tubular Corp. TMK IPSCO, Evraz Rocky Mountain Steel, Wheatland Tube Corp. Maverick Tube Corp. and Northwest Pipe and the United Steelworkers union arguing that the Chinese steel industry was flooding the U.S. market with steel sold at unfairly low prices. This will affect about $2.8 billion worth of Chinese imports and is a sign of further trade tensions between the two countries. U.S. Steel, one of the eight companies that brought the complaint that imports from China tripled from 2006 to 2008. This same time U.S. production of steel pipes fell by about 70 percent which has lead to almost 40 percent of the industry’s work force being laid off. The new imposed duties between 10.36 percent and 15.78 percent. The six-member ITC voted unanimously that the U.S. industry was harmed or threatened with harm by the imports. This is only one of the trade disputes as they are negotiations over goods like poultry, tires, and Hollywood movies. In April the Commerce Department may impose antidumping tariffs of 14 percent to 145 percent on $91 million of steel grating imported from China.

Days until American Idol 12 days
Days until Super Bowl XLIV 37 days
Days until Calgary Winter Olympics 43 days
Days until Spring 2010 79 Days
Days until Iron Man 2 Movie Debut 131 days
Days until Summer 6/21/10 171 days
Days until a New President 1122 Days
Days Country Held Hostage Under Hope and Change 341