State of the Union Wrap up

We watched President Obama who was stopped for applause 86 times in his State of Union address, this tradition needs to end. He spent two thirds of the speech dealing with the economy and jobs. There was so much speculation that he was going to move to the center, that never happened. It was 40 minutes before he even mentioned Healthcare reform and only took 50 minutes to lay some blame of previous President George Bush. There were two uncomfortable moments when he called out the Supreme Court as the only sat ten feet away. This happened again when he mention open military for gays in front of the Joint Chiefs of the military. Both groups sat stoic and must have know it was coming and sat staring straight ahead as the gallery leaped and applauded behind them. He finished up using the quote “I Don’t Quit” as Karl Rove reported he said “I” 96 times. There also might be a shock at was not said as he never mentioned Guantanamo Bay of the trails for terrorists in New York City. We were surprised he pushed Cap and Trade as we though and most pundits after the speech agreed have been dead for at least six months.


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