Pre-State of the Union Post

Tonight the President Obama is set to deliver his second state of the union. We are eagerly waiting to see the spin and shine he can put on his freshman effort. The rumor is that he will unveil a jobs-heavy agenda. The buzz is that the goal is to Get the economy, the confidence of voters and his own presidency on surer footing. The pre-speech up fronts say the speech will have two themes this first is to reassure Americans that he understands their struggles and convince people that he is working to change Washington. There should be detail about how he wants to help businesses hire again, salvage an overhaul of health care insurance. There have been many misses over the first year and health care reform stands at the top, ending the war in Iraq, Guantanamo Bay detainees are still there and the influx of thousands of troops in Afghanistan. We could her more of the same as he reverts to an agenda that would include health care reform, regulation of Wall Street, energy and immigration reform. We will heard about the lame spending freeze on some domestic spending for three years. The Republican response will be delivered by Gov. Bob McDonnell of Virginia, this is another good move for the GOP as it was McDonnell who won an election that President Obama campaigned hard for his opponent. We heard Scott Brown say yesterday on the radio that he will not be in attendance for the speech. We have a feeling his presence and what it represents will hover over the whole night like a cloud of clarity.

Days until Super Bowl XLIV 11 days
Days until Calgary Winter Olympics 16 days
Days until Spring 2010 52 Days
Days until Clash of the Titans Debut 58 days
Days until Iron Man 2 Movie Debut 100 days
Days until Robin Hood Debut 107 Days
Days until a New President 1089 Days
Days Country Held Hostage Under Hope and Change 372

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