Go Scott Go –Brown on the Radio

Scott Brown was on the local radio today in Boston, this guy is a winner. There was plenty of reasons for him to win but to get over a million votes in Massachusetts there had to be something else. We think we might have heard it today. Brown speaking in the afternoon told the radio audience about meeting Patrick Kennedy on his first trip to Washington as senator. He told the story without jab even though he was being baited by the host he stayed true to the story. Patches meet Scott Brown was cordial and gave him a book written by his father the late Ted Kennedy who seat he will be sitting in the senate. The thing that makes Scott Brown appealing is that he said of the meeting with patches, he had a great respect for him as he did not think if he was in Patrick Kennedy’s shoes he could have done it. He is so refreshing an honest for a politician we cannot believe it and he is a republican. There is something so genuine about him and it is definitely what was tapped into by the non republican liberal leaning voters in Massachusetts.

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