dog grooming and more jobs losts

On November 4, 2008 the Massachusetts voters banned greyhound racing. This cost the state jobs as these race dogs needed dog grooming, training, care and feeding. The tracks themselves needed people to work the windows, administration, staff, concessions, and maintenance. In a time when the state needs jobs there have been at least 1000 people added to the unemployment ranks. There is more people that take of the greyhounds that are both associated with the racetracks as well as even more that handle other parts of the racing community. All of the dog racing tracks in Massachusetts were be ordered to shut down by January 1, 2010, as commercial dog racing was slowly phased out. This was due to Massachusetts Ballot Question three which passed, with 56 to 44. The 56% majority vote passed The Greyhound Protection Act. Even though there is no live Greyhound action in the bay state any longer there is still simulcast racing from these tracks as they try to hang on. There is a need to supplement the lost income by adding casino slot machines and gaming tables. The hours of operation have been reduced and they have added simulcasted thoroughbred racing as well. There is no magic replacement and it is uncertain the future of these tracks.

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