Japan National Debt Crisis Mirrors US

As we wake the Christmas day after we wonder what has become and what will be. For those of my critics about harping on the national debt and deficit we want you to understand we are not alone. The Japanese government approved a record trillion-dollar budget for the next fiscal year that encompasses welfare to help with their tremendous economic problems. They are hearing the same thing about a scale of new spending to the government huge debt. Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, has been trying to find a balance between a budget big enough to begin an economic recovery while keeping the new lending in check. He is urging the public to stay focused on the task of rebuilding an economy recovering from its worst recession since World War II. The record $1 trillion budget is allocating more to welfare and education at the expense of public works projects. The plan is spending will encourage households to consume more, offering a much-needed boost to the economy. Japan will issue fresh debt worth a record $485 billion, this brings Japan’s public debt to about $9.4 trillion, or 181 percent of gross domestic product, at the end of March 2011, by far the highest in the industrialized world. They are dealing with same issues a plunge in tax revenue as Japan’s export-oriented economy has declined in international trade brought on by the global economic crisis. There are only tax receipts of $405 billion, less than half the government’s budget, forcing the government to borrow more than it receives in revenues for the first time in over 50 years.

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Days Country Held Hostage Under Hope and Change 335

Merry Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas everyone and here is to a peaceful and happy day for all. The best thing about Christmas is all the rushing around is over. Nothing else can be done. It is time to take a deep breathe relax and enjoy the holiday. The true spirit of Christmas exchange gifts, see family, big dinner, and no need to go to Walmart. There is a peaceful calm about Christmas morning if you are out and about; this is the exact opposite from just a day before. We hope you and yours enjoy this Christmas 2009 and look forward to getting back to business. Today we only see the good and have only good thoughts to share. Enjoy your Christmas everyone.


Congressional Screw you Christmas Gift

Not only does the congress pass the dumbass healthcare plan the nation is opposed to. They back that up by raising the ceiling on the government debt to $12.4 trillion, a massive increase over the current limit. This was of course followed by President Barack Obama promise to address the problem next year. We wonder if these are promises he does not mean like transparency or promises like health care that are win at all cost. The Senate using the extremely rare Christmas Eve vote, 60-39, raises the debt ceiling by $290 billion. Then they are of to their homes to enjoy the holiday recess with thier family. They will enjoy their healthcare plan which will not change unlike regular Americans. They will enjoy being able to raise the debt to pay for more programs unlike regular Americans. They will enjoy increasing budgets of the government departments unlike regular Americans. Everywhere people are cutting back and trying to stay above water everywhere but congress. So it is Christmas Eve and we get healthcare and raised ceiling on the government debt. So today when you look out your window that is not Santa flying by, it is your congress flying over your head with two middle fingers in the air Merry Christmas to all, enjoy your just got screwed night.

Christmas 2009 Tomorrow
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Griffith Coming to the other side

There are finally repercussions for the actions of the democratic drunk with power party. They ramrodded a healthcare plan through with backroom deals, no republican support and against the will of the majority of Americans. We though the price would be paid in the mid term election of 2010. Republicans only the need to win one senate seat to win and put a stop to the madness. There is a special election in Massachusetts Scott Brown ( R ) vs. Martha Coakley ( D ) on January 19. We cannot hold out too much hope for Brown as a Republican in Massachusetts has not won a senate seat since the 70’s. We do have some good news from the house. U.S. House Democrat Rep. Parker Griffith from Alabama opposes the health care overhaul announced Tuesday that he is defecting to the GOP. He does speak from a point of knowledge as he is a 67-year-old radiation oncologist. Alabama was one of the states where President Barack Obama lost badly in his districts. Parker Griffith was one of 39 House Democrats to vote against there version of the bill that narrowly passed. Parker Griffith was quoted saying that the bill is bad for our doctors, patients. And for young men and women who are considering going into the health care field. The new updated number is 257-178 Democrat House seats over Republican.
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Rudy 2012 vs. The White House?

One can only speculate and maybe after the dismal showing by John McCain that a recharged GOP might be more receptive to Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani in 2012. We are only basing this on the fact he has come out saying he is ruling out a run for the Senate in 2010, the seat is currently held by Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand , she was appointed by New York Governor David Paterson. If you remember this happened when former Senator. Hillary Clinton was tapped to be the Obama administration secretary of state. The thing is New York has two very weak position holders in Gillibrand and Paterson, who seem beatable as their support from top level DNC is waning. The problem with both positions is Rudy Giuliani has played on a national level and these positions are all about New York. We do believe the reason he is not running for either position is because he understand the GOP has Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin out in front and if he can keep the debate on accomplishments in public office, he has a chance. He also must think Palin is a lightening rod and Romney has never polled well across the US. Rudy Giuliani put all his eggs in the winning Florida basket in 2008 and it was too little to late and was done before he got started. A calculated risk that might be enough for Republican to find that kind of thought process might not be so good for the White House.

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Christina Aguilera Keeps Getting Better


This week we highlight last years number 25, Christina María Aguilera who was born on December 18, 1980, in Staten Island, New York. Her family moved to Pittsburgh before she was ten. Her first professional job was appearing on the Disney Channel’s The New Mickey Mouse Club in 1993. she has come along way baby. When she battled Britney Spears for Grammy Awards we were shocked that Christina won as Britney was everywhere. It turns out they were right one as she is a powerhouse entertainer and pretty level headed for Hollywood. We picked for the last women of 2009 because like Alba last week she did not do much in 2009 but she still is hot. The only credit is a commercial for direct TV which uses the new song released from her greatest hit CD that she released in 2008. We expect a huge 2010 with the release of the CD Light and Darkness and a starring role in the movie Burlesque. One of the best things about Christina is when she was first married her and her husband would have nudie Sunday, where they would spend the whole day together naked. They have kids now so we are pretty sure that is over. She is smoking hot and deserves to be on this list for that reason; she also is a great singer, dancer and good person. We are proud to make the last women of the week of 2009.

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Senate to vote after the midnight hour

If you did not get a chance to listen to the reading of the bill on the Senate floor yesterday, there was sweeping new package of changes to the health reform bill, There was a couple of things to make not of, Hollywood has been a big propionate of healthcare for everyone it is the PC thing to do. Must have got their cell phones speed dials working as the Beverly Hills tax was cut, the five-percent tax on elective cosmetic surgery, known as the Botox-tax. Why was there a need to cut this they put in its place, the bill will add a 10-percent tax on indoor tanning. The tax would apply to the use of tanning beds that deliver UV radiation that means tan in a can is not taxed, when passed the tax becomes effective on July 1, 2010. Speaking of when passed the senate will debate the bill from 1pm to 11:30pm and vote at 1AM on Monday morning. Minority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, said yesterday that if democrats were proud of this bill they would not backroom deal it, then try to pass in the middle of the night. He would not give up is they republicans had any more parliamentary options to stall the bill. This should make for an interesting day and long night. The backroom deals that got the votes from senators in Vermont and Nebraska means they will pay less than 48 other states. All we can say is they can take reform out of the language because all this bill does is allow 30 million new customers for healthcare insurers and the taxpayers will make sure the premium is paid. Christmas 2009 5 days
Sherlock Holmes 5 days
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Nelson Gives In

Democratic Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson received the backroom deal he wanted and sold his vote down the river. Nelson appears to be the 60th and deciding vote for Senate passage of sweeping health care legislation. That means that President Barack Obama’s Senate allies appear on track to pass the legislation by Christmas. Majority leader Harry Reid exposed another and final series of changes to the measure, including concessions to Nelson on abortion, funding for his state and more. The legislation includes new limits designed to limit insurance company profits and overhead, by requiring them to spend 80 percent of their premium income on medical care for individual insurance policies, and 85 percent for group policies. On abortion, the measure would let states disallow coverage in new insurance exchanges. Republicans are digging in the best they can and delay the inevitable for as long as possible. They objected when Reid sought permission for Nelson to announce his decision in a speech on the Senate floor, then forced Senate clerks to read aloud the text of the 383-page package of changes in the legislation, a process expected to take a few hours. It appears lost and the only hope is there is some democrat that will not vote for this. We think that Reid maybe a lame duck, he may not have a feeling for the American people but we believe he can count to 60 and this is in the bag. This water downed bill has enough to make everyone unhappy conservatives for having to fund healthcare for people who do not want to pay for it and liberals who do not want insurance companies to make a profit. The bottom line is this reform means 30 million maybe people will now have health insurance that our tax dollars will pay for and the insurance companies just gained 30 million or subscriber paid for by the taxpayers looks like a lose lose to us. This will be touted as win and great legislation by the fraud that is sitting the Whitehouse and keeps his win at all cost presidency moving.Christmas 2009 6 days
Sherlock Holmes 6 days
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Senate Clock Still Pounding Along

We knew last night that today would be all about twisting Senator Ben Nelson the moderate Nebraska Democrat to be the 60th vote to pass a sweeping health care bill by Christmas. The Democratic leadership did not let us down he has been held captive in closed-door talks in the Capitol with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, senior White House officials and others. Nelson is seeking stricter abortion curbs, ease the impact of a proposed insurance industry tax on nonprofit companies, as well as win more federal funds to cover Nebraska’s cost of treating patients in Medicaid, the state-federal health care program for the poor. You cannot blame the guy he has them in the short hairs and they are desperate. There are more problems as Public opinion polls find support for the measure decreasing by the day. If that is not enough hand it is not MoveOn.org, which helped fuel Obama’s election last year, announced its opposition to the measure, citing its lack of a government-run insurance option. So as we move inot Saturday the fourth weekend the senate is open for business Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been preparing a final series of revisions to the 2,074-page bill, with Senate debate expected to begin on them shortly after they are made public sometime early Saturday. Republicans have threatened to force Senate clerks to read the entire text of the proposed changes aloud, a process that could consume about eight hours. There is also a snow storm bearing down on Washington which could slow the process. What do we expect Nelson to cave, Senate clerks to read the entire text and come Monday morning we will be staring at an up or down roll call vote by electronic device on Thursday.

Five Follow Friday Twitter Fantastic Apps

Can you hear it bearing down, last weekend before Christmas, only one week away? The final crunch is on, the shopping, the traffic, the visiting, the parties, and the hangovers. Finding the perfect gift for that all illusive someone special and the sold out store as you waited to long to pull the trigger, do not worry, it will all be over in a week. Since there is nothing you can do about it here are five follow Friday apps to make your twitter time more special.

Twhois is a way to find out about your new twitter follower. Get to know something about them before following back. Discover which social networks they use and how. You will have quick access to the public profiles from all the major professional networks.


whatsmytwitteraccountworth is exactly that it can tell you in a dollar amount how much your twitter account is worth. This does not mean anyone will buy it buy mine is worth a lot more than we thought it would be.

TweetSentiments.com provides Sentiment Analysis on tweets using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technology. The profile is estimated based on the recent tweet content and writing style, the Education level could be interpreted as person with that level of education is capable of writing the tweets, and does not necessarily reflect reality, but hey it is always fun to score well.

Chromed Bird is an open source Chromium extension that allows you to follow your Twitter account using Google Chrome. As the official Google Chrome extensions gallery is open. Google Chrome and Twitter sound like a match made in heaven and as anti Microsoft as you can get, without Apple.

tweecal is a great way to localize your twitter reading. Everyone is interested in knowing local stuff that is closer to his or her heart or things that happens right in their neighborhood. Tweecal is more of Tweets that are local or Tweet + Locally.

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