Tea512 Smokin 51 (26-14) Post #3

#26 this year up from #36 is Christina Milian, pictured the right, had two great movies role and shows plenty of skin. #25 is another new comer Summer Glau for her work in Sara Conner and Dollhouse. #24 up from #26 is Eva Longoria enough said.



#23 up from is Christina Aguilera and a big year ahead. Next are two new comers to the countdown and should have been on last year #22 Kristen

Bell pictured to the left, and showing a banging body in Couples Retreat. Then at #21 is Amber Heard for her work in Stepfather and Zombieland.

#20 up from #24 is Sophie Monk. #19 is newcomer Emmanuelle Chriqui for her work on Entourage, pictured to the right. #18 down from #11 is the extremely talented and sexy Alicia Keys. #17 down from #14 is Jessica Alba only due to lack of public appearances.



Tea512 Smokin 51 #39-#27/

Tea512 Smokin 51 #51-40/

#16 up from #17 is super hottie and funny Anna Faris, pictured to the left. She was a standout in Observe and Report. #15 is a new comer and hot as a pistol on the 90210 Annalynne Mccord. #14 up from #20 is Hayden Panettiere we have the feeling as she gets older she is a top five in the making.

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