The arm-twisting has begun

So much for thinking, the House Democrats were going to stand up and fight the Senate. Seem like they are giving up on a public option government insurance plan. That was only the biggest piece of the health care legislation that passed in their chamber. They did the Sunday show circuit saying that it is not dead, at the same time they conceded that the final bill needs to be affordable which does not sound like fighting words. The House and Senate meet next month to reconcile the two bills. The truth is the final law will look a lot more like the Senate version than the House version. The grossest statements were by Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania the Benedict Arnold of the Republican party who pleaded that Republicans in Congress offer a vote or two especially the Senate, on bipartisanship. While we are all keep hoping that a few Democrats will stand up in the House that maybe did not before and stop this before it gets to President Obama’s desk. The worst part is finding anyone in congress with backbone. Nelson fought over abortion language then caved when Nebraska received free Medicare, nothing to do with abortion. The process is sickening what the rush is when the measure will not take effect until 2013. Here is to hoping 2010 the bill blows up and we start over from scratch with bipartisan support and public backed plan.

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