Tea512 Smokin 51 (43-27)

#39 is Brittany Snow up from #43 after a couple of good movies in 2009. #38 is Roselyn Sanchez down from #19 as she has limited visibility after the cancellation of Without a Trace, she is still hot as a pistol and pictured to the right. #37 is new comber Asia Argento who is as hot as they come.



#36 is Rachel Bilson up from #41 and looking better as the years go by. #35 is newcomer to the list Rachel Nichols knocked us out in Star Trek and G.I. Joe. #34 Amanda Bynes up from #44 last year and had the best red carpet hotness in 2009.She is pictured to the left. #33 is newcomer Melanie Laurent for her role in Inglorious Basterds.

#32 is new to the list Haley Webb we first seen in Shark and starred this year in The Final Destination. She is pictured to the right. #31 Angelina Jolie up from #50 last year and seems to be getting hotter if that is possible. #30 up from #34 is Mena Suvari who killed it in Stuck.






Tea512 Smokin 51 #51-40/

Next up are three glaring omissions from last years list #29 Olivia Wilde who we knew from the O.C. and was killer in Year One. She is pictured to the left. #28 Leighton Meester who has been rockin the mini skirt on Gossip Girl all year. #27 Penelope Cruz who has been hotter than ever on the silver screen.

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