Tea512 Smoking 51 of 2009 (Number 51-40)Post#1

#51 is Gwen Stefani who drops three from last year. She actually toured this year and used her likeness in Band Hero #50 is Selma Hayek who drops from #47. She had an off year with only one movie and a TV show. #49 is Kate Hudson who drops from #46 as she spent most of the year in the spotlight due to dating Alex Rodriquez her role in Bride Wars has no sexy pop like her roles in the past.



#48 is Hillary Duff up one from last year at #49. She had roles on Gossip Girl and other highly rated TV shows. #47 is Amy Adams who was probably rated to high last year at #28. She did have three strong movie roles nothing sexy which caused the drop. #46 is Heather Graham she drops from #35 last year, it was going to be hard to top her sexy roles in 2008 and she only made the Hangover of importance of the four movies she was in for 2009.  
#45 is Shakira up from #51 last year and her videos are top notch and she is why we have a list like this. #44 is Minka Kelly dropping from #23 with her graduation from Friday Night Lights she was in 500 days of summer and a CW show Body Politic which has not aired yet. #43 is Leona Lewis and she dropped from #21 she did release an album very pretty but might be too reserved for this countdown.



#42 is the first new comer Katie Cassidy who tears it up on Melrose Placevery pretty with long legs. The second new comer is Dianna Agron at #41 from Glee by far the best looking girl in the cast. The third newcomer Nina Dobrev coming in at #40 the hottie vampire diaries star has our eye and we do not even watch the show.

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