Guantanamo Bay stays open even longer

Well now that President Barack Obama is out of the lower 48 for a week we can rest as well as the end of year commitments are stopped. It was a banner week for the democrats raising the debt ceiling to keep their bloated, pork laced, earmarks all running, and the ramrod of healthcare. President Barack Obama did not get everything on his holiday wish list as it looks like the commitment to close the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, by next month might now be delayed until 2011 because it will take longer for the government to buy an Illinois prison and then upgrade it to hold suspected terrorists. The purchase might take until March and another ten months of construction is needed. The other part not on the radar is Congress also needing to change a law prohibiting detention in the U.S. of detainees who are not awaiting trial. There was also a cost to pay in the administration as the failure to meet the timetable cost White House counsel Greg Craig his job. Craig is leaving next month and was heading the effort to close the facility. The real fear Federal officials have to deal with is the perception that moving terror suspects from Guantanamo to Illinois could make the state a terrorist target. The new perimeter fence as well as other measures would make Thomson the most secure of all federal prisons in the country, even though the prison skirts the Mississippi River, meaning there are three ways to approach. We wonder where the captured prisoners are going these days as the number in Cuba has been going down but we are fighting two wars and no longer taking prisoners.

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