Tea512 Smokin 51 (13-6) Post #4

#13 up two spots from #15 is Vanessa Hudgens pictured to the right this year we had more new nude photos and she turned 21. We think 2010 we may see more of her skin on screen as she takes older characters. #12 up from #16 is Kellie Pickler who changed hair color to red is hot as a pistol and just a fun person.



#11 dropping from #8 is Halle Berry, she is a great actress, a presence on the screen and at 42 and just have had a baby is still smoking hot. #10 is the highest new comer Malin Akerman pictured to the left should have been on the list before, her work in Watchmen, The Proposal, and Couples Retreat were as always super sexy, and 2010 we will expect more of the same.

#9 up from #13 is Nicole Scherzinger pictured to the right who sexed up the PCD all year long. Her long legs and great voice make her an easy top ten selection. #8 down from #4 is Mariah Carey she is the diva and still bring out her smoking body any chance she can. Even another year older, she is tope ten for rocking the high heels and super short mini on stage.



#7 is the only person the stayed in the exact same spot as last years #7 Rhianna had a tough year at best. Still sexy as ever and sporting a new attitude she is still top ten worthy. #6 dropping one from #5 last year is Katherine Heigl pictured to the left with a killer body, great actress, very pretty just not enough room in the top five for her. The Ugly Truth was no Knocked Up. 

  Tea512 Smokin 51 #26-#14/Tea512 Smokin 51 #39-#27/Tea512 Smokin 51 #51-40/

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Tea512 Smokin 51 (26-14) Post #3

#26 this year up from #36 is Christina Milian, pictured the right, had two great movies role and shows plenty of skin. #25 is another new comer Summer Glau for her work in Sara Conner and Dollhouse. #24 up from #26 is Eva Longoria enough said.



#23 up from is Christina Aguilera and a big year ahead. Next are two new comers to the countdown and should have been on last year #22 Kristen

Bell pictured to the left, and showing a banging body in Couples Retreat. Then at #21 is Amber Heard for her work in Stepfather and Zombieland.

#20 up from #24 is Sophie Monk. #19 is newcomer Emmanuelle Chriqui for her work on Entourage, pictured to the right. #18 down from #11 is the extremely talented and sexy Alicia Keys. #17 down from #14 is Jessica Alba only due to lack of public appearances.



Tea512 Smokin 51 #39-#27/

Tea512 Smokin 51 #51-40/

#16 up from #17 is super hottie and funny Anna Faris, pictured to the left. She was a standout in Observe and Report. #15 is a new comer and hot as a pistol on the 90210 Annalynne Mccord. #14 up from #20 is Hayden Panettiere we have the feeling as she gets older she is a top five in the making.

Obama Media Bias Alive and Well

We love to point out a good media bias story and in the wake of the failed aircraft bombing on Christmas by the “fruit of the boom” bomber we have another chance. The claim by the Obama administration that the system worked is laughable by itself. When the system is, the passengers and crew that has to react as the last line of defense the system failed every step leading up to that point. When President George W. Bush said the famous “Brownie, you’re doing a heckuva job” quote as everyone watched New Orleans going under water from Hurricane Katrina the quote and video was everywhere. We are not saying there has not been coverage but for Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and White House press secretary Robert Gibbs to repeat that statement “the system worked” proved the administration cares more about politics and little about American safety. You could say President George W. Bush never recovered from his quote, as he was from then on considered over loyal to his lieutenants to a fault. The press hammered this home and rammed him out of office as the mantra of Hope and Change might have been a direct result. The President did not make a comment about the terror attack until Monday, with Bush that never would have been allowed. The bottom line is the hand picked not ready for primetime players needed President Obama to come out and settle everything down. There is no one saying the JV that is running the cabinet the way the lame stream media led you to believe Vice President Dick Chaney was in charge. We are hopeful that the fangs of the press will come out, the honeymoon is over and the fraud will be exposed, but we are not holding our breathe.

Days until 2010 1 day
Days until American Idol 13 days
Days until Super Bowl XLIV 38 days
Days until Calgary Winter Olympics 44 days
Days until Spring 2010 79 Days
Days until Iron Man 2 Movie Debut 132 days
Days until Summer 6/21/10 172 days
Days until a New President 1123 Days
Days Country Held Hostage Under Hope and Change 340

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Tea512 Smokin 51 (43-27)

#39 is Brittany Snow up from #43 after a couple of good movies in 2009. #38 is Roselyn Sanchez down from #19 as she has limited visibility after the cancellation of Without a Trace, she is still hot as a pistol and pictured to the right. #37 is new comber Asia Argento who is as hot as they come.



#36 is Rachel Bilson up from #41 and looking better as the years go by. #35 is newcomer to the list Rachel Nichols knocked us out in Star Trek and G.I. Joe. #34 Amanda Bynes up from #44 last year and had the best red carpet hotness in 2009.She is pictured to the left. #33 is newcomer Melanie Laurent for her role in Inglorious Basterds.

#32 is new to the list Haley Webb we first seen in Shark and starred this year in The Final Destination. She is pictured to the right. #31 Angelina Jolie up from #50 last year and seems to be getting hotter if that is possible. #30 up from #34 is Mena Suvari who killed it in Stuck.






Tea512 Smokin 51 #51-40/

Next up are three glaring omissions from last years list #29 Olivia Wilde who we knew from the O.C. and was killer in Year One. She is pictured to the left. #28 Leighton Meester who has been rockin the mini skirt on Gossip Girl all year. #27 Penelope Cruz who has been hotter than ever on the silver screen.

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The arm-twisting has begun

So much for thinking, the House Democrats were going to stand up and fight the Senate. Seem like they are giving up on a public option government insurance plan. That was only the biggest piece of the health care legislation that passed in their chamber. They did the Sunday show circuit saying that it is not dead, at the same time they conceded that the final bill needs to be affordable which does not sound like fighting words. The House and Senate meet next month to reconcile the two bills. The truth is the final law will look a lot more like the Senate version than the House version. The grossest statements were by Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania the Benedict Arnold of the Republican party who pleaded that Republicans in Congress offer a vote or two especially the Senate, on bipartisanship. While we are all keep hoping that a few Democrats will stand up in the House that maybe did not before and stop this before it gets to President Obama’s desk. The worst part is finding anyone in congress with backbone. Nelson fought over abortion language then caved when Nebraska received free Medicare, nothing to do with abortion. The process is sickening what the rush is when the measure will not take effect until 2013. Here is to hoping 2010 the bill blows up and we start over from scratch with bipartisan support and public backed plan.

Tea512 Smoking 51 of 2009 (Number 51-40)Post#1

#51 is Gwen Stefani who drops three from last year. She actually toured this year and used her likeness in Band Hero #50 is Selma Hayek who drops from #47. She had an off year with only one movie and a TV show. #49 is Kate Hudson who drops from #46 as she spent most of the year in the spotlight due to dating Alex Rodriquez her role in Bride Wars has no sexy pop like her roles in the past.



#48 is Hillary Duff up one from last year at #49. She had roles on Gossip Girl and other highly rated TV shows. #47 is Amy Adams who was probably rated to high last year at #28. She did have three strong movie roles nothing sexy which caused the drop. #46 is Heather Graham she drops from #35 last year, it was going to be hard to top her sexy roles in 2008 and she only made the Hangover of importance of the four movies she was in for 2009.  
#45 is Shakira up from #51 last year and her videos are top notch and she is why we have a list like this. #44 is Minka Kelly dropping from #23 with her graduation from Friday Night Lights she was in 500 days of summer and a CW show Body Politic which has not aired yet. #43 is Leona Lewis and she dropped from #21 she did release an album very pretty but might be too reserved for this countdown.



#42 is the first new comer Katie Cassidy who tears it up on Melrose Placevery pretty with long legs. The second new comer is Dianna Agron at #41 from Glee by far the best looking girl in the cast. The third newcomer Nina Dobrev coming in at #40 the hottie vampire diaries star has our eye and we do not even watch the show.

Guantanamo Bay stays open even longer

Well now that President Barack Obama is out of the lower 48 for a week we can rest as well as the end of year commitments are stopped. It was a banner week for the democrats raising the debt ceiling to keep their bloated, pork laced, earmarks all running, and the ramrod of healthcare. President Barack Obama did not get everything on his holiday wish list as it looks like the commitment to close the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, by next month might now be delayed until 2011 because it will take longer for the government to buy an Illinois prison and then upgrade it to hold suspected terrorists. The purchase might take until March and another ten months of construction is needed. The other part not on the radar is Congress also needing to change a law prohibiting detention in the U.S. of detainees who are not awaiting trial. There was also a cost to pay in the administration as the failure to meet the timetable cost White House counsel Greg Craig his job. Craig is leaving next month and was heading the effort to close the facility. The real fear Federal officials have to deal with is the perception that moving terror suspects from Guantanamo to Illinois could make the state a terrorist target. The new perimeter fence as well as other measures would make Thomson the most secure of all federal prisons in the country, even though the prison skirts the Mississippi River, meaning there are three ways to approach. We wonder where the captured prisoners are going these days as the number in Cuba has been going down but we are fighting two wars and no longer taking prisoners.

Days until 2010 5 days
Days until American Idol 17 days
Days until Super Bowl XLIV 42 days
Days until Calgary Winter Olympics 48 days
Days until Spring 2010 83 Days
Days until Iron Man 2 Movie Debut 136 days
Days until Summer 6/21/10 176 days
Days until a New President 1127 Days
Days Country Held Hostage Under Hope and Change 336