Mena Suvari we are Stuck


This week we honor last years number 34 sure to move up Mena Alexandra Suvari. Mena was born February 13, 1979 in Newport, Rhode Island. She is an American actress, model, fashion designer and spokeswoman. Mena is probably best known for her role as in American Beauty, and her role on the American Pie movies. She has done work in television show on Boy Meets World, Six Feet Under and ER. She has credits in 14 different television shows in her career. She has done voice work for a couple of video games. Her best work has always been in the movies where has been in over 30 in the last 12 years. Some our favorites are Rumor Has It , Beauty Shop , and Factory Girl. The reason she is on the list as we just saw her performance in Stuck which was outstanding. Mena makes dreadlocks super sexy and has a sex scene so hot is literally burns of the screen. She is a great actress with a dynamite body and plenty of sass. We have been a big fan four years as when she is on the screen big or small it is hard to remove your attention. Her next film is You May Not Kiss the Bride which is in post production and should be released in 2010.

Black Friday 4 days
Sherlock Holmes 32 days
Days until 2010 – 38 days
Calgary Winter Olympics 81 days
Iron Man 2 Movie Debut 167 days
Days until a New President 1158 Days
Days Country Held Hostage Under Hope and Change 305 days

Son of Anarchy two episodes two go

We are avid watchers of the FX show Sons of Anarchy the second season has been building and getting better with each show. The last two shows have been some of the best drama television available. We are amazed at the quality of the shows from FX when you think about The Shield, Nip/Tuck, Rescue Me and SOA, you have to be impressed. If you have missed the run of SOA it is a show that tries to bring you inside the life of a motorcycle club. On the surface it is guns, bikes, dirty boys, dirty girls and violence. Under the hood it is about the relationships of the members, their families, and neighbors. When we speak of neighbors it is more about the relationship between the club and the police. The club provides protection to the town they do not allow drugs, gangs, or criminals to enter the town and vigilante justice if they do. This of course makes them fans to the community, as much as the police know they are committing as much crime as they prevent. The show dynamic will draw you in as there are people you cheer for as well as bad guys to hate. Inside the club like any business organization there is infighting, power struggles; business deals pros and cons, and alliances. This show is building to a huge finale and a lot of character arcs are coming to head at once. Check out Sons of Anarchy Tuesday nights on FX.


Black Friday 5 days
Sherlock Holmes 33 days
Days until 2010 – 39 days
Calgary Winter Olympics 82 days
Iron Man 2 Movie Debut 168 days
Days until a New President 1159 Days
Days Country Held Hostage Under Hope and Change 304 days

Medicare $200 Billion Raise

So help me out here as I appear to be a little confused. The Democratic-controlled House voted to add more than $200 billion to the deficit to prevent steep Medicare payment cuts to doctors. The measure, approved on a near party-line vote of 243 to 183, is a top priority for the American Medical Association. This could be payback for AMA backing any Healthcare plan the democrats can dream up. Doctors are facing a 21 percent reduction in Medicare reimbursement rates in January unless Congress acts first, the result of a flawed funding-formula that lawmakers have had to step in nearly annually to block in recent years. So work with me hear, this is program they are going to gut $400 Billion from over the next ten years to fund the new Obamacare. So your are telling us that the program that is run amuck with fraud and abuse that will now only pay doctors even less is going to help fund a national healthcare plan. Who believes any of this stuff? How are they getting away with it? Why do the hard hitting folks and the Washington Post and New York Times call them out? It is extremely frustrating to be a Republican conservative watching the country go down the national healthcare road to provide insurance for people who do not have it, being labeled as just an anti Obama or pro big business. This is my dam country and I am proud to be a part of it, what I love most is everyone has a chance here if you work hard and never give up you can achieve great things. It is sad that a safety net for the few must be a catch all for immigrants and other handout worthy people. They do not understand these programs will always keep them down; they will never be free if they must stay below poverty level to qualify. These programs that pay dividends for not getting a better job, pulling yourself up, or just trying harder to grab the golden ring. Back on track could we not have pulled out some of this fraud and abuse to cover the 21 percent reduction in Medicare reimbursement?

Black Friday 6 days
Sherlock Holmes 34 days
Days until 2010 – 40 days
Calgary Winter Olympics 83 days
Iron Man 2 Movie Debut 169 days
Days until a New President 1160 Days
Days Country Held Hostage Under Hope and Change 303 days

Healthcare Saturday Showdown

Another Saturday, another debate, over putting a healthcare bill on the floor. This time it is the senate the reason is the same. You a concerned American citizen will not be able to leave messages for your congressmen all day, email will go unread, and there are no visiting hours. Why you ask because it is Saturday. This is a trick the Senate learned from the House this keeps the calls, positive or negative, the emails, positive or negative, and requests for visits, positive or negative immaterial. Because come Monday morning there will not be any office hours anyway as it is time to go home for the Thanksgiving break. When you wake up Sunday morning it will be too late to complain about if this bill should be on the floor at all because it will be there already. Today was the last day you could try to voice an opinion to your senators about if they should vote for or against. We believe Reid has enough votes or this would not be on the floor in the first place. Here is what we do know the 2,074-page bill would expand health insurance coverage to 30 million more Americans at an estimated cost of $849 billion over 10 years. The Proceedings will begin at 10 a.m. and will last through the early evening. There are shooting for around 8 p.m to hold a roll call vote on the motion to invoke cloture. There is a chance it could fail as even up to this hour they are hoping to pull one republican over which they are not sure about the 60 they think they have. Remember Pelosi thought she had 228 and she did not think she had any republicans turns out she had only 219, let hope for the same kind of math tomorrow. We hope those blue dog democrats are sleeping tonight with visions of tea parties and town halls in their head with a thought of unemployment in their future.

Five Follow Friday Twitter Fantastic Apps

Here it is another Follow Friday and the last Friday before Thanksgiving. This is the official last Friday before the big holiday season starts and the freakin out begins. So let us all sit back and take a breath. Enjoy this weekend and then get ready to get our game on. Here are some Twitter Apps to make your life and Tweeting more fun.

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twhois is a way for you to check out your new twitter follower. You can get to know something about them before following back. You can discover which social networks they uses and how. This is a way to quick access to their public profiles from professional networks like linkedin.

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sayplus1 is a way of saying thanks on Twitter and Plus 1 keeps track of good deeds and the Twitter people who appreciate them. Every time one person thanks another on Twitter, we notice. “+1” is how we say thank you. We’re creating tangible, memorable proof of the good things you do, or that people have done for you: in real time.<

US Government new Birth Control

CBO claims the new Senate health care bill would make a government health plan widely available. The report says that about two-thirds of the U.S. population would have a public plan available in their state, even though the Democrats’ 10-year, $848-billion bill would allow states to opt out. We believe this is where the rubber will meet the road when the federal government tries to quote un quote jam national healthcare plan to each state. No matter what happens in the senate which looks like this weekend is go time to get this bill on the floor which we assume will be a 60-40 vote. We were glad to see that the new abortion language Senate Majority Leader Ried tried to use on abortion was called out by the National Right to Life Committee as completely unacceptable. Reid tried to use a under handed approach of allowing the new government insurance plan to cover abortions and would let companies that receive federal funds offer insurance plans that include abortion coverage. The bottom line is this is still state sponsored abortions and makes the US government be the newest form of birth control. When we say US government since it is the tax payers who pay for the government then it means the taxpayers are the newest form of birth control.

Next up the Senate Healthcare Bill

Lame duck Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid finally unveiled the Senate Healthcare legislation which will extend coverage to all but six percent of eligible Americans and bar private industry from denying insurance because of pre-existing medical conditions. The Democrat’s $849 billion measure is designed to remake the nation’s health care system, relying on cuts in future Medicare spending to cover costs and higher payroll taxes for people making over $250,000 and a new levy on patients undergoing elective cosmetic surgery. This bill out of the gate is already bigger than the House at a whopping 2,074 pages. The claims it will reduce deficits by $127 billion over a decade and by as much as $650 billion in the next ten years, which we believe has been confirmed by the Congressional Budget Office. The CBO estimated it would cost $849 billion over 10 years, spread coverage to 31 million Americans who currently lack it while still reducing federal deficits by a total of $127 billion in that decade. The bill which has been behind closed doors for weeks as we have had only rumors of higher premiums, tax increases and Medicare cuts to pay for more government. The senate measure would require most Americans to carry health insurance and would provide hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies to help those at lower incomes afford it. It also would mandate that large companies to provide coverage to their workers. Starting in 2014, it would set up new insurance marketplaces called exchanges primarily for those who now have a hard time getting or keeping coverage. The bill was outlined to rank-and-file Democratic senators at a closed-door meeting. Reid would not say if he had the 60 votes necessary to propel the bill over its first hurdle. There is no way the 40 Republicans who are united in opposition to the bill in its current form will be swayed. We noticed that the senate bill called for an increase of a half percentage point in the Medicare payroll tax for individuals with income over $200,000 a year, $250,000 for couples and a tax on high-value insurance policies, meant to curb the appetite for expensive care. The House bill had neither of those options. The 800 pound gorilla is still in the room as the plan requires the side-by-side sale of insurance policies that cover abortion services and do not, an attempt to satisfy both sides.

President Obama hires another tax cheat

There was a time when President Barack Obama would choose somebody for a high lelve job and the democrat did not pay taxes or owed back taxes. The list became laughable turns out the crack vetting job done by the White House team is still turing up tax cheats The White house nominee for undersecretary of the Treasury for international affairs, Lael Brainard, did not disclose all of her late tax payments until she was repeatedly prodded by Senate investigators. Brainard was late in paying real estate taxes in 2005, 2006 and 2007 on property in Northern Virginia, according to the report by the Senate Finance Committee staff. There is also a challenge of the accuracy of a deduction Brainard claimed for running an office from her home. The challenge led Brainard to reduce the deduction on her 2008 return, though she declined to adjust returns for 2005, 2006 and 2007. The administration is letting the media know that because the amount is small, Brainard paid $121.75 in interest and $1,279.34 in penalties on late real estate tax payments. That we should not be alarmed, we still wonder why these tax and spend liberal democrats have no problem raising our taxes but have trouble paying their own. She was blatantly trying to avoid this situation as the committee staff had to submit 10 sets of questions to Brainard before getting complete information about the late payments. This also calls into question lying on federal papers as the Finance Committee had her fill out a routine questionnaire that asked whether she had made any late tax payments in the past 10 years. Her initial response did not include all the late payments. This is also an all in the family thing as she is married to Assistant Secretary of State Kurt Campbell, is the top U.S. diplomat for East Asia. It is goo to know President Obama has put a tax cheat in charge of overseeing American policies on issues including the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and international tax treaties. It just becomes so hard to believe in anybody this administration touts as worthy of any position.

Healthcare plans are like Onions

Today the Obama administration back pedaled from the federal advisory board’s recommendation on mammograms is not government policy. The more you peel back there are so many layers, as each layer is peeled back you cannot help starting to cry about where we are headed. Let us start with the obvious the federal advisory panel that made this new recommendation about breast cancer has no oncologist on the panel. The Preventative Services Task Force is independent; the Department of Health and Human Services Web site calls the panel’s recommendations, “the gold standard.” Today we saw some spin out of Health and Human Services from tax cheat Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, she told CNN mammograms remain an important life-saving tool in fighting breast cancer. This can not un-ring the bell as the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force said Monday that women in their forties should not get routine mammograms. You do not have pull your head up to far to see what is going on here, the insurance companies look to the panel for guidance on which preventive care practices they should cover. We heard immediately from the American Cancer Society rejecting these new guidelines as it is clear this layer of healthcare would have insurance companies using these new recommendations to justify denying mammogram coverage for women in their forties. The more you hear this healthcare stuff the more layers we peel back of this rotten onion, the worse the smell and we know there is no way to stop these things once it becomes part of government culture.

Being around Biden makes Stupid Contagious

We all know that Vice President Joe Biden cannot open his mouth without putting his foot in it. We have become used to it as the President has basically hide him away over the last two months. We learned this week that being around the Vice President some of his lapses in judgement can start to rub off on his entourage. The Secret Service says a police advance car working ahead of Vice President Joe Biden’s motorcade was involved in a traffic accident Tuesday evening in New York. The car was not part of the motorcade and the vice president was unhurt. New York City police say two police officers and a livery cab driver were hospitalized with minor injuries. Just like you would expect Vice President was not encumbered by the incident. This was the second accident around him in a week the first was a sheriff’s deputy that was injured in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This Contagious act of stupidity caught from the Vice President as a woman tried to drove around police vehicles blocking an intersection for the motorcade to pass collided with the deputy’s car. If you wondering what Vice President Joe Biden was doing he was in Albuquerque to speak at a campaign fundraisers for two New Mexico Democrats.