Healthcare debate let the games begin

Tomorrow begins another big day in healthcare debate. The senate will roll back into session to begin floor debate. The good news it appears the 60 votes are just not there. This does not mean the Democratic coalition will not be swapping favors for support. This major hurdle has some democrats looking for tighter restrictions on abortion coverage and the government plan to compete with private insurance companies is removed. There is one thing we believe the 40 Republicans are not going to be any help. There was a rally yesterday where they touted the $848 billion over 10 years to plan that would gradually expand coverage to most of those now uninsured, ban denying coverage or charging higher premiums due to poor health. The self-employed and small businesses would be able to buy a policy in a new insurance market and older people would get better prescription coverage. The polls still say 58% want healthcare reform, less and 27% like what Washington has come up with. Because the wheels of the senate move slow Monday will see each side offering one amendment and there are no votes are scheduled. There are more than 40 senators on the two committees that originated the bill, so as we move forward many amendments are expected. Things like malpractice lawsuits, consumer choice, affordability, minority health and drug prices are sure to be amendment discussions. This will shape up as a big struggle either way and hopes to wrap it up by Christmas break are little far fetched.

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