Curb Your Enthusiasm Finale

The season seven of Curb Your Enthusiasm Finale has just aired ending the 70th show. Each season the show has been delight, it is hard to say if one season is better than another as well as one show compared to another. We enjoyed this season and the focal point was a Seinfeld Reunion, which meant we could see interaction with Jerry, Julia, Jason, and Michael. This season also included Jeff sex with Funkhouser crazy sister and Larry’s break up with cancer stricken Loretta over a car BJ. Larry tries to hook up with two-handicapped woman and an assistant with a pot belly showing bare midriff around the office. There was a pee splash that landed on a painting of Jesus, which Larry let the owner think was a sign. Larry killed a black swan at his golf club and would not confess as well as having to pretend he wears woman’s panties to help Jeff explain why there were female panties in his glove box. We watched the finale, which contained a Sienfeld reunion show of sorts, and two were laced perfectly. The theme of the season was Larry trying to get Cheryl to love him again as she did when he was EP on Seinfeld. The final scene has his plan despite all his craziness about to come to fruition, and in true LD style he cannot just keep his mouth shut, he cannot let it go and we are left to assume the reconciliation is not going to take place as no one can stand to be with LD.

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