Healthcare Weekend Wrap up

Looking back at another hopeless weekend on the healthcare front, would like to clean up a few empty pieces. It was funny to see people on Twitter complaining about how archaic a system the United States Senate uses to tabulate votes happens to be. It is a little sad we agree to see a desktop role call vote. Something about the pen writing and the reading back the names seems so 1700’s. We watched as they wheeled old man Byrd in so he could make his vote probably the first time he has been on the floor since January. That made us think of how this 60-39 vote could have swung the other way. The first was when we heard Al Franken vote in the affirmative, this election was stolen by Acorn and it was sad an SNL comedian was deciding my healthcare, the joke was on us. Next up was Massachusetts Kirk who was replacing Kennedy and should have had no replacement but there he was another affirmative. Then came crazy Joe Lieberman, who lost as a democrat, backed McCain, said he would block this bill, and then voted to let it hit the floor, what a nightmare. So the only bright light came when they called Snowe from Maine who we thought was an affirmative we heard a no. There were three democrats we had a hope for voting no, they we all yeses those were Nelson-Nebraska, Landrieu-Louisiana and Lincoln-Arkansas. Later when asked they admitted that they have agreed to advance debate on the bill despite having reservations about the legislation and might not support subsequent votes on the bill. Just another hopeless healthcare weekend.

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