Five Follow Friday Twitter Fantastic Apps

Here it is another Follow Friday and the last Friday before Thanksgiving. This is the official last Friday before the big holiday season starts and the freakin out begins. So let us all sit back and take a breath. Enjoy this weekend and then get ready to get our game on. Here are some Twitter Apps to make your life and Tweeting more fun.

Twidiko is a way for you to Simply share your video on Twitter and even better there is no registration needed. His is a great way to add some pop to your tweet.


twhois is a way for you to check out your new twitter follower. You can get to know something about them before following back. You can discover which social networks they uses and how. This is a way to quick access to their public profiles from professional networks like linkedin.

twhois is a way to fire up your followers with simple, powerful activism tools designed to take full advantage of Twitter. 

tweetfriends is another way to find out who you may want to follow by looking up mutual friends of two people you love to watch on Twitter. Find out why a new follower has added you, and if you have any Twitter friends in common.


sayplus1 is a way of saying thanks on Twitter and Plus 1 keeps track of good deeds and the Twitter people who appreciate them. Every time one person thanks another on Twitter, we notice. “+1” is how we say thank you. We’re creating tangible, memorable proof of the good things you do, or that people have done for you: in real time.<

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