US Government new Birth Control

CBO claims the new Senate health care bill would make a government health plan widely available. The report says that about two-thirds of the U.S. population would have a public plan available in their state, even though the Democrats’ 10-year, $848-billion bill would allow states to opt out. We believe this is where the rubber will meet the road when the federal government tries to quote un quote jam national healthcare plan to each state. No matter what happens in the senate which looks like this weekend is go time to get this bill on the floor which we assume will be a 60-40 vote. We were glad to see that the new abortion language Senate Majority Leader Ried tried to use on abortion was called out by the National Right to Life Committee as completely unacceptable. Reid tried to use a under handed approach of allowing the new government insurance plan to cover abortions and would let companies that receive federal funds offer insurance plans that include abortion coverage. The bottom line is this is still state sponsored abortions and makes the US government be the newest form of birth control. When we say US government since it is the tax payers who pay for the government then it means the taxpayers are the newest form of birth control.

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