Congress did not get the Hope and Change message

The domino effect is about to start in Washington as the senate cleared the stopgap spending measure to avoid shutting down most federal agencies at midnight over the weekend. The measure on President Barack Obama’s desk gives Congress until December 18 to finish seven incomplete spending measures that were supposed to be wrapped up by September 30. The Senate voted 72-28 vote after a 247-178 House vote earlier in the day. It is amazing that they can agree on not doing their job or putting it off for six more weeks. The anti-shutdown measure was attached to a $32.2 billion spending bill for the Interior Department and environmental programs, one designed to send billion of dollars for clean and safe drinking water projects. While every company, campus, school system, are cutting back and reducing spending, it is nice to know the Interior and the EPA and some smaller agencies received increases of $4.7 billion over 2009 levels, an increase of 17 percent. This makes perfect sense as these increases are simply unaffordable, unsustainable, based on government’s dismal deficit picture. The reason they said was former President George W. Bush had squeezed interior and environmental accounts. This large measure contains 542 earmarks totaling $341 million in the bill. Besides the clean water projects, there’s money for land acquisition for parks and wildlife refuges, visitor centers at national parks, and repair of landmarks. John McCain said it best “Seventeen percent of the people in my state are without a job, and we’re going to spend $150,000 to renovate an opera house in Connecticut?

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