President Obama donation a gift that keeps on getting

President Barack Obama has been having an early holiday. Those who say it better to give then receive would find that the President thinks that after he receives from you, he will give you something. He has rewarded the top Democratic donors with all sorts of goodies from holiday visits to the White House to policy briefings. He really is changing the way things are done in Washington. We understand this has been happing for ears with all presidents but they did not promise to change Washington like the current Commander and Chief. St Patrick’s Day only 56 days after he was sworn in when he made the change Washington pledge, he invited 39 Democratic donors and fundraisers to a White House reception. Top donors are also kept in the know as President Obama deputy chief of staff Jim Messina went to Los Angeles and San Francisco to brief top donors on the administration’s national health care overhaul. This also includes President Obama round of golf with fundraiser Robert Wolf while on his family’s August vacation at Martha’s Vineyard. Wolf is the CEO the UBS Group for the Americas. We already posted about the nomination fundraiser Alan Solomont as ambassador to Spain as well as many other appointments at the time. President Barack Obama has put tough ethics rules in place and that every name of every person that comes to the White House will be released. We have looked for the names but it is probably in the same draw as his birth certificate.

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