President Bush back in the saddle

Nine months removed from the White House a relaxed and charged President George W. Bush made his debut Monday stepped back into the light. There was a crowd close to 15,000 people who listened to the former president reminisce about his White House days. President Bush spoke for 28 minutes onstage. He received a standing ovation from the friendly hometown crowd. The crowd at the “GET MOTIVATED!” seminar and this well-publicized event appears to mark the beginning of a higher profile for Bush. This follows up last weeks three speeches in Canada, and he has joined the Washington Speakers Bureau. Next up is another motivational speech next month in San Antonio. He is working on his book due to be released next year, as well as planning his new presidential library and policy institute at Southern Methodist University. There were many others there including Colin Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and Terry Bradshaw. We have no official word on what the President was paid but it has been floated his fee was $100,000. There is one thing to note, Obamanaics there was no teleprompter in sight and his comments were genuine and true. Many of those who know him or have been with him for years said he seemed more comfortable speaking now than he did as president.