Check out the “Pearls” of Switzerland

There are activities that are unique to Switzerland. They have a name for them as well as they are called Discover Swiss “Pearls”. When you go abroad for a vacation, you need to do something that has some kind of a wow factor involved; this makes the trip not just memorable as saying we went to Switzerland, a trip can reach that higher level when you have an activity to talk about before you say where you went. We were looking for our own pearl and we came across that visitors to the bell foundry in Berger in Bärau can now cast their own bells. That is perfect as you have something take home, then you can say we cast that bell when we were in Switzerland. Truly, this activity encompassed the Swiss experience with a lifetime memory. If you are thinking about going to Switzerland then you can find your own Pearl, many things are unique to the region. Some of our other favorites are Slaving over a hot stove with World Champion Chef, Ivo Adam, Medieval papermaking, Tales of the River Inn, and you can even explore Geneva by boat but check it out for yourself as you will see all the unique gems of visiting Switzerland.

Conway Mountain Inn in New Hampshire

We stayed at the Conway Mountain Inn in New Hampshire on our way through the state. We booked the room before we went and the price was low, free wifi, and balcony suite room with mountain vista views from every room. We were leaving within 24 hours so the reservation had to be made via a phone call. The reservation desk turns out to be a call service in Maine. She could not answer any our questions about where the hotel was in relation to the attractions nearby. She also wanted to know when we would arrive to the hour and a credit card to secure the room. We arrived about thirty minutes later then we had told the desk but there was no problem. They wanted to swipe the card as they only use the numbers we had given them the day before in case of a no show. Therefore, we could have used any Visa 16 digit number to hold room. We went to the room and it was nice, clean, and had a country feel to the décor. The balcony as billed had a great view of the White Mountains. Around 7pm, we needed to get some ice and although the front desk said where it was, we could not find it. When we returned to the front office, they were gone. They left numbers for emergencies and a room number if you had “problems.” We had never seen anything like it, what if you wanted more towels, wake up call, questions, or directions. This left a bad feeling with us as we though it was not right to be in a hotel that was not staffed overnight.

Authentic Swiss Hotels for Holiday

We were looking at going abroad next spring and are looking to stay at one of the Authentic Swiss Hotels. We want the service that is a touch more personal, and an atmosphere that is authentic. Talking with other European travelers we would want to make sure food that is well within budget but tasty. The new heard the slogan Typically Swiss and from what we have read, this is no empty promise, but rather the badge of honor for a hotel experience to be had only in Switzerland. We want to stay in place that feels old school European with some history to it as well. We want to make sure we do not wind up in a chain hotel where you lose that flavor of the local township. We are looking for something with a beautiful interior design in a breathtaking location. We were looking at the Hotel Chesa Randolina that pretty much has everything we are looking for and is a perfect match for what you would think of when you think Swiss countryside. We find that the word is that a Typically Swiss hotel encompasses all of these things so we should not have to compromise. You should plan to visit this site and explore these authentic Swiss hotels. If you are thinking about planning a Swiss vacation this is great place to start.

Sony chooses Google Chrome

Sony is throwing Google Chrome a bone. Chrome will be shipped as the choice browser from the PC maker but has not confirmed if it is the default browser. Sony is the first PC maker to sell computers with Chrome pre-installed. Microsoft Internet Explorer is the most widely used Web browser in the world. The number two browser and way behind IE is Mozilla’s Firefox, but has been gaining in popularity. Google’s Web browser that they launched in 2008 and command only a sliver of the browser market. Google claims response to Chrome has been outstanding as they continue to explore ways to make it accessible to even more people. Google has also built a smart phone operating system and is now working on a free PC system to challenge Microsoft’s Windows. The problem is the Sony PC business is very small. Tea512 has installed Google Chrome all over the office and it is a choice browser for certain pages. Internet Explorer can get hung up on Flash video and page loads. This is an area were Chrome hammers IE as the pages load instantly. Until it can be addresses in the business world the browser market is a tough sell. One of the biggest issues in corporate America is companies with Exchange servers that have users logging into their mailboxes using Outlook Web Access (OWA) find it impossible to use on any browser besides Internet Explorer and this is by design. Until Mozilla and Google figure a way around this, the default browser might just stay Internet Explorer.

College Degrees with simple search

We were looking for expanding our resume with an added College Degrees One of the best paying jobs in Information Technology is Database Administrator. We have some experience but would like to learn more and have a degree to back it up. We used this site to search for Database administrator programs and then by zip code. We found that Framingham State College has a good program and at in-state tuition of $5449.00 it is something we can achieve. This search gave us a huge amount of choices and we could look at each school to pick which to investigate deeper. This is a great website as you can use it to look for colleges, tuition, jobs, pay scale and lots more.

Mass Rep leaves state for booze

Tip O’Neil said all politics is local. We do not like to write about Massachusetts politics as it is a lost cause. We feel that if you live here you get what you deserve. We have seen what it is like to healthcare for everyone the state is running a horrible debt. They have just raised the sales tax first time in over 30 years and started adding sales tax to liquor. This is bad enough and with the senate seat up for grabs it is anyone’s guess how the legislature will play it. Massachusetts neighbor to the north New Hampshire has no sales tax and the tax on liquor is lower. We have seen long lines of traffic on the weekend as Massachusetts folks travel north to get everything from beer, smokes, school supplies and big ticket items north of the border. Well then we find this photo that surfaced last night of Democratic Representative of the Massachusetts legislature Mike Rodrigues from the town of Westport. He drove his 2003 Ford Crown Victoria with a #29 Massachusetts legislature plate to the New Hampshire tax free liquor store. This would not be so appalling if he did not vote to raise the sales tax earlier this year. You pick the caption, “do you know who I am?” or “Do as I say not as I do!”


President Obama slashes raises

This has been a bad 11 months and there are not to many companies out there giving increases. We have stated before we thought the private sector will use the fact the economy and low profits if any as a reason not give workers raises. The worker is forced to deal with this as the options for new employment are limited as the nationwide average is close to 10%. You hear the stories even Harvard University is laying off people, no increases and offering buyouts. It is good to know that President Barack Hussein Obama is in tune with this as he announced that civilian federal employees would not get as big a pay raise as expected next year. That is right the administration has decided that civilian federal employees should receive only a 2 percent pay increase on Jan. 1, 2010, instead of the 2.4 percent across-the-board increase that was expected. The total cost for the increase is only $22.6 billion in fiscal year 2010 alone. It turns out that the U.S. Code grants the president the authority to submit an alternative pay plan if he views the adjustments that would otherwise take effect as inappropriate due to ‘national emergency or serious economic conditions affecting the general welfare. It remains to be seen if the unions or workers try to fight for .4% they are losing or if they are just happy to be working. Maybe we could have the people in the unemployment line be asked if they would do the civilian federal employee job for 5% less money and see if there are any takers. This way they could just switch roles and the country could save not only the $22.6b but another $45.2b on top of that.

Fame Movie Debut 24 days
Election Day 2009 64 days
Days until 2010 – 124 days
Calgary Winter Olympics 173 days
Iron Man 2 Movie Debut 248 days
Days until a New President 1237 Days
National Debt 8/27/1999      5,649,777,641,199.26
National Debt 8/28/2009      11,718,758,941,630.90