Healthcare Ad Flooding the Airwaves

Do you fee like you have seen a media blitz on healthcare? These ads are both pro and con. They are also appearing on television, radio, internet, and newspaper. There are also handouts available in doctor offices, clinics and hospitals. The old saying is following the money but in this battle the money is everywhere. It turns out that medical providers, businesses and other groups battling over a health care overhaul have spent $110 million this year on television advertising. The money pouring in has hit a fever pitch as the last week the average has climbed to $1.1 million daily. There is a breakdown of about $47 million spent for ads favoring the health overhaul and another $32 million has been spent by those who are opposed. The balance is watchdog groups trying to get out the facts and ads that talk generally about health care. So who is spending the most money, well you are of course the biggest spender is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The AARP is spending plenty of the member’s money as they feel they have the most to lose and the biggest membership effected.

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