The commercialism of Obama slowing

There are finally signs that the American people are coming back to their senses. In January, it was impossible to escape the Barack Obama commercialism. His image and name were on millions of T-shirts, posters and commemorative plates. Then after all the bailouts, the stimulus, health care legislation and approval rating down to 50 percent, the honeymoon is finally over. Sales have finally slowed significantly compared to the inauguration. On Sept. 12, there was an up tick in Washington DC but that was because protesters were buying posters that day to draw on to show their distaste. The biggest shift in Obama merchandising is the rise of anti-Obama sales in recent months. The best is the Barack-in-the-Box creator as they have 3,000 jack-in-the-boxes with smiling Barack Obama puppets inside sitting in a California warehouse, waiting to be sprung open for $29.95 a piece. Even they have to admit the thrill is gone and they should probably think about a half price sale as there is only 1208 days left. Then again there is still a market for Billy Beer.

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