Fine Art Available to Public

We have found a site that offers fine art that is right out of the Impressionist Era. When you look at the works of art that have been produced by Pino they are amazing. Pino was born in 1939, and was the influenced by the Pre-Raphaelites and Macchiaioli. Pino’s work has appeared in several major exhibitions throughout Italy and Europe. In 1979, Pino immigrated to the United States. Pino has illustrated 3,000 books. In 1992 Pino’s paintings have appeared in Morris and Whiteside Gallery in Hilton Head and Stuart Johnson’s Settlers West Gallery in Tucson. In addition, Pino’s ability to capture the movements and expressions of his subjects has brought him private commissions to do portraits. Right now there is a full service art gallery in the Los Angeles area committed to the philosophy of offering dealer prices to the public. They specialize in Contemporary, Traditional and Commercial art including such artists as Pino. The staff has been in the fine art business for over 15 years and prides themselves in their customer service and quality. If you have not seen the works of art by Pino then you need to see these beautiful pieces that have a great composition and leave any art connoisseur breathless.

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