Haley Webb Destination- Hot


This week we highlight Haley Vianne Webb who was born November 25, 1985 in Woodbridge, Virginia. She is in the new movieThe Final Destination that was number one in the box office over the weekend racking in over 28 million. In 2001 she moved, to San Diego, California. In 2003, while competing in the Talent America Competition, she was discovered by long time casting director/manager Gary Shaffer. Haley moved to Los Angeles, California, to began studying with legendary acting instructors Howard Fine, JoAnne Baron & D. W. Brown. Haley is also a vocalist with a range from alto to first soprano. Her theatre credits include Bye Bye Birdie; Rumors; Beauty and the Beast; and Fried Green Tomatoes as well as many others. She has been on the television shows Close to Home and Shark . Haley has also been in the movie In Northwood and Big Game. She is a beautiful girl that is extremely hot and getting hotter by the day. She performed all her own stunts in the movieThe Final Destination and looked awesome doing. She deserves her spot as she was a standout on Shark and has a exciting career ahead.

Fame Movie Debut 25 days
Election Day 2009 65 days
Days until 2010 – 125 days
Calgary Winter Olympics 174 days
Iron Man 2 Movie Debut 249 days
Days until a New President 1238 Days

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