Five Follow Friday Twitter Fantastic Apps

Here is another Friday and the last weekend before Labor Day so let us get out there and make the most of it. Here are five more Twitter Apps and Websites that can make your Twitter life more fun.

Just Tweet It Find tools Twitter bots and more through this directory. To submit your listing you need to choose a directory either from the drop down menu at the top of the site, choosing one of the popular categories listed on the side or visiting the entire list. Once you have chosen your directory simply fill out the short form using your name, your email address associated with your twitter account and your twitter url or username followed by a brief bio including relevant information to help others that share your interests find you.

Just Tweet It

Mr. Tweet a personal networking assistant, helping you find relevant followers. Your Personal Networking Assistant looks through your relationships and tweets to: Show the influencers and followers you should follow Suggest you to enthusiastic users relevant to you.

Mr. Tweet 

TwitterHawk is a real time targeted marketing engine that will find people talking on twitter now by your chosen topic and location, allowing you to really hit your target mid conversation with ease.


TwitterNotes Organize your notes using Twitter with TwitterNotes.Take notes anywhere using Twitter Be able to take notes as easily as: I’m using TwitterNotesand you can even tag your notes: The fastest way to take *notes* and *tag* them anywhere No registration required just login and you’re ready to start taking notes.


ConnectTweet Groups and businesses are made up of many people, not faceless Twitter bots or a single person’s voice. ConnectTweet facilitates your voices combining.For example… say people at the front lines inside your company add a #tag to their company relevant tweets, ConnectTweet can suck them up and post them to @yourorg’s Twitter account allowing the company’s followers to clearly see the human voices on the inside.


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