President Obama let us look forward, not back???

Do you remember when President Barack Hussein Obama said “we are going to look forward not backward”? Well he obviously did not send the memo to Attorney General Eric Holder. He shows just how much we can put stock in what he says as well as how much control he has over his team. Holder has decided to appoint a federal prosecutor to investigate possible abuses by CIA interrogators in using harsh tactics on terror detainees. Holder appointed federal prosecutor John Durham to look into abuse allegations after the release of an internal CIA inspector general’s report that revealed agency interrogators once threatened to kill a Sept. 11 suspect’s children and suggested another would be forced to watch his mother be sexually assaulted. This of course rolls back to weatherboarding, the simulated drowning technique. There were three high-level suspects that underwent weatherboarding. This opens President Barack Hussein Obama to once again hear from Dick Cheney that this is “why so many Americans have doubts about this administration’s ability to be responsible for our nation’s security.” This is why people are so untrusting of government, when the President can say one thing in January and then disregard it in August there is a reason for the nation to be skeptical. Does this mean he is for a single payer plan today but six months from now it is a state run plan? Does this mean today he is for letting congress decide the plan today but six months from now it will be an executive order? What is Attorney General Eric Holder role in this and why does not listen to his bosses request. This is going to do more harm then good for the country, the FBI, the CIA, and the Military.

Fame Movie Debut 30 days
Election Day 2009 70 days
Days until 2010 – 130 days
Calgary Winter Olympics 179 days
Iron Man 2 Movie Debut 254 days
Days until a New President 1243 Days

National Debt 8/24/1999     5,646,847,313,983.21
National Debt 8/24/2009     11,719,060,925,865.86

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