Nurse Jackie Showtime Series

We really enjoyed the first season of Nurse Jackie the new Showtime series. The characters are all complex and looking for something more than life is giving them. The show concluded with a finale that had multiple plots coming together or exploding upon the characters involved. There are questions we have as we watch the inaugural season. Most of these involve the title character Nurse Jackie played by Edie Falco. She has a loving husband but she cheats on him. She can hardly get by any tough situation without running to the nearest bathroom and snorting whatever handy narcotic she has in her possession. This leads back to the cheating who she has a relationship with the pharmacist at the hospital. This is a weird dynamic as it only happens inside the walls of the hospital. Why does he not want more? In the finale her world comes crashing down as her pill person has been replaced by a machine and her affair lover met her husband and confronted her about it. They other characters all meet some kind of bad fate, Dr. Eleanor O’Hara none loving mother dies; Dr. Cooper is chasing Nurse Jackie with no luck. Nurse Administrator Gloria Akalitus hopes were dashed about adopting a baby left behind and Nurse Zoey Barkow has rendered a patient incapacitated to do their job. This is the mark of great writing when each character arcs and we can not wait for the return of the show.

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