Sorry…Death panels are real

We knew the topic has been beat to death, pardon the pun. We just want to weight in that even as much as Sarah Palin was looking at getting the most bang for her buck in word choice, coining the term “Death Panels” is a winner. We know the left wants you to believe there is no such thing but the fact is they must be in place already. They have to be some guidelines set up by the big national healthcare providers. When you couple a doctors opinion with what a hospital is willing to allow and an HMO is willing to cover the end result is a death panel. There can be no national health care plan that set limits on any kind of care without it being a death panel, or as someone stated before call them life panels but they do and will exist. Why is this so hard to believe? Some committee, board, or body will decide that after a horrific crash if you are on life support and completely brain dead for one week, they will pull the plug. This is based on a study that says those who have horrific crash and are on life support, completely brain dead for at least one week have a .05% chance of recovery. This will cost the hospital, health plan and family millions to keep this person alive for only a .05% chance of recovery. That my friend is not a life panel decision that is a death panel playing God.

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