President Obama War, Troops and Protest

The U.S. General Stanley McChrystal’s in charge of the war in Afghanistan is recommending a request for more U.S. forces. The reassessment of the war against Taliban insurgents aims for a counterinsurgency strategy of clearing and holding populated areas. There is no doubt that the White House will resist such an action. The general calls for a change in how U.S. and foreign troops operate including how they live and travel among the Afghan population to where and how they fight. The need for a ramp up in the training of Afghan soldiers and police and double their numbers to around 400,000. President Barack Hussein Obama will not want to add new numbers to U.S. forces as he already sent 21,000 troops there earlier this year. The need is to use intelligence less to hunt insurgents and more to understand local, tribal and social power structures in the areas where they operate. This comes on the heels of the UN report that 310 Afghan civilians have been killed a rise of 24 percent this year. Bombings by insurgents and airstrikes by international forces are to blame. The hard numbers right now is there are 62,000 U.S. troops, 39,000 allied troops, and 175,000 Afghan Army and police. The perfect number is somewhere between 300,000 to 600,000, including U.S., NATO and Afghan forces. The biggest jump is the call for 400,000 to be Afghan Army and police. The end of this year with troop deployments already approved the U.S. presence will be 68,000. This is double the size of the U.S. force when Obama took office. When he campaigned to stop the war in Iraq did he say he was going to send all the troops to Afghanistan? The human out cry to stop the war on street corners and college campuses has been over causing traffic tie ups and unrest. Sorry our bad these people only protest war when President Bush is in office. They have been missing since January 20th so this might not be a real war.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Movie Debut 6 days
Inglorious Bastards Movie Debut 20days
Election Day 2009 95 days
Days until 2010 – 155 days
Calgary Winter Olympics 204 days
Days until a New President 1268 days

National Debt 8/1/1999      5,638,655,711,931.60
National Debt 8/1/2009     11,581,201,791,282.14

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