President Obama cuts 0.0102% from budget

Well at least someone in Washington is listening to a request from President Barack Hussein Obama. He certainly has had his hands full with congress, the budget office and autoworkers union. The job of getting people to find his way of doing things the best way has not been an easy sell. The one place he can crack the whip is the cabinet heads. If you recall in April he demanded each department head trim $100 million from their budgets. The goal has been reached as there was $102 million reduced from 2009 budget and a projected $165 million for 2010. A few of the highlights are a cancelled meeting in Australia for the Agriculture Department, the Commerce Department will not have office renovations, FEMA turning loose 120,000 temp housing units, Treasury Department will shred and recycle classified materials rather than burning them, and The Justice Department will make their own travel arrangements and cut out the travel agents. We should not lose sight of the fact that $102 million dollar savings when the budget already approved by Congress in March was for $1 trillion. We know this is only 0.0102% but these folks in Washington a cutting cost just like the rest of us real Americans.

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