Vice President Biden set back Russian Relations

Vice President Joe Biden called Russia a weakened nation. This is another chance for the administration to put a gag order on the Vice President or permanently leave his foot in his mouth. Vice President Biden said that the Russian economic difficulties are likely to make the Kremlin more willing to cooperate with the United States on a range of national security issues. We do not think this play was in the White House play book. It was only three weeks ago that President Barack Hussein Obama was in Moscow and asked for and was hopeful for a strong, peaceful, and prosperous Russia. Say it aint so Joe, can you just here the administration.  There was a response from the Kremlin, they were very confused about who is shaping U.S. foreign policy? The Russian newspapers put the story on most of the front pages Monday, with headlines casting doubt on Washington’s commitment to a constructive relationship with Moscow. You have to wonder how many times is President Barack Hussein Obama going to be asked if he thought VP Biden had gone too far in his remarks. THere is only so far he is going to get by saying “What the VP was trying to say” like he and the rest of the staff do every time he does these things.

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