Stimulus money flushed away

President Barack Hussein Obama can be proud his stimulus bill and the money that is being used to create jobs and stimulate the economy where it counts. Today we find out that the Federal government is spending tens of millions of stimulus dollars to repair and build toilets across the nation. The money has been set a side for outhouses and restrooms to spruce up or completely replace aging toilets. You see these facilities in government buildings, roadside rest areas and in public parks. The biggest spender for the new restrooms is New Mexico, spending $2.8 million for toilets in national forests. Does this solve the problem of where bears go? The government has seen multiple agencies grab at this cash the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Veterans Affairs Administration, and even the Army. They are jumping under the umbrella of the Americans with Disabilities Act. They are using this as the crutch to update older facilities. This kind of stimulus growth to our economy is going to help create jobs one bathroom at a time. The best part is after the bathroom is built and the workers are out of work again. When they are homeless, they will have plenty of spiffy new bathrooms to use all around the nation.

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